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Using multiple SIM cards with one number

The platform provides the capability to use several SIM cards at the same time with a single subscriber number and account. Additional SIM cards allow the subscriber to use all the services available for a subscriber when using a regular SIM card: receive and make calls, exchange SMS and MMS messages, view WAP and web pages, etc.

Key features

  • Flexible configuration of incoming calls, SMS, and MMS
    For instance, an incoming call may be received by all terminals at once, or by the terminal selected by the subscriber as the main one, or according to a sequence specified by the subscriber
  • Capability of simultaneous use of devices with additional SIM cards for outgoing communications and data transfer
  • Outgoing calls are made, and outgoing SMS messages are sent, from a single number
  • Single account for the main and the additional SIM cards
  • Capability of receiving an account statement for all SIM cards (number of SIM cards in use, status of each card, details on calls, messages, and data traffic)
  • Collection of statistics and formation of reports on the platform’s operation
  • Multi-user web interface for platform administration

Benefits & advantages

  • Increased subscriber loyalty through implementation of a new service
  • Wide range of possibilities for configuration of incoming call processing scripts
  • Capability to view information on the operation of each SIM card
  • Increased ARPU through introduction of a subscription fee for using additional SIM cards
  • Load balancing and high availability
  • Flexible management and administration

Integration scheme