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SC.Content Provider Access

Platform for organizing interaction with content providers

The SC.Content Provider Access (SC.CPA) platform is a reliable, flexible system for managing the interaction between operators and content providers. The solution is made for:

  • Easy and simple connection establishment, service rules adjustment
  • Setup of logic for processing subscribers’ requests
  • Organizing of MT-services’ logic
  • Accounting and control of all processes and services rendered
  • Generating billing information on paid services
  • Helpdesk and support (subscribers, content providers)

The platform consists of four subsystems:

  • CPA_DMG — flexible tariffing of the WAP/Internet traffic
  • CPA_MMS — MMS content control
  • CPA_SMPP — management and control of SMPP connections between partner’s equipment and operator’s SMSC/USSDC
  • CPA_Voice — arrangement of flexible tariffing for voice services (IVR, RBT)

SC.Content Provider Access allows for partners to connect to the mobile operator’s network via standard protocols, and at the same time controls the network’s load, preventing unauthorized access and unwanted actions.

Key features

  • Single interface for connection setup
  • Support various connection protocols: SMPP 3.4, SMTP, MM7, WAP/HTTP(S), Diameter, CAMEL
  • Routing and filtering messages between operator’s systems
  • Support different methods of order and delivery of content
  • Tariffing of messages and WAP/HTTP traffic
  • A full range of scenarios of interaction with subscribers: a single order, subscription to a service, Pure MT messaging, check of connected services status, refusal of subscription
  • Configuring of rules of the distribution of income between a MNO and a content provider
  • Management of short numbers and URL
  • Management of keywords for short numbers
  • Possibility to modify HTTP headers for specific domain names
  • IVR support
  • Support of RBT services
  • Black and white lists to allow/deny subscribers’ access to services
  • Supporting short and anonymous addresses in content providers’ and subscribers’ messages
  • Inform subscribers about various events when using services, for example:
    • Activating or deactivating
    • Incorrect command
    • End of subscription to the service
  • Interaction with prepaid and postpaid billing systems for tariffing VAS services
  • MNP support
  • Support of service test mode
  • Spam & antifraud control and protection
  • Administrative web interface
  • Web interface for managing content providers’ services
  • Log operations and collect statistics
  • Generation of a wide range of reports, including ones about the schedule in the context of:
    • Short numbers
    • Content providers
    • Number of unique users
    • Other parameters on MNO’s request
  • Fault tolerance

Benefits & advantages


One of the features is that this solution can be installed and adjusted according to the operator’s requirements.


The platform automatically distributes the load on the system and ensures the security of information thanks to the modular structure and duplication principles.

Transparent connection

SC.CPA is focused on the simplest installation and maintenance. Running the platform doesn’t affect other operator’s equipment. The platform can be easily integrated with any billing system.

Flexible tariffing

The platform supports all common billing scenarios which allows content providers to choose the most appropriate tariff for the promotion of services.

Billing options: a one-time payment and a subscriber fee. Supported tariff types:

  • standard
  • Happy hours
  • Try & Buy

Several standard and preferential tariffs can exist simultaneously for one service. SC.CPA automatically checks the data and ensures the absence of simultaneous implementation of different tariffs.

When various tariff schemes are implemented, the platform allows to configure individual settings for MO and MT messages.

Billing options used by the platform simplify and reduce the process of a mobile content or a service obtaining. Debiting without providing a service is impossible. The system has implemented mechanisms that allow both real time and postpaid billing. Both schemes can be combined.

Extensive possibilities for message routing

The routing rules of MMS/SMS/USSD can be changed by the platform’s administrator and also edited by the monitoring system, tracing duplicate components. Both GSM and CDMA subscribers’ messages can be routed.

Process service control

SC.CPA brings online data gathering and events registration to a new level. The system monitors and prevents unauthorized bulk messaging from partners.

Options of methods of the distribution of income between a MNO and a content provider:

  • Fixed scheme of income distribution
  • Differentiated scheme of income distribution at the level of a short number or a group of numbers
  • Differentiated scheme of income distribution at the level of a content provider
  • Scheme of income distribution for premium projects

Ease of control for content providers

A content provider is able to do the following actions through the web interface:

  • Manage the services: select the transport, billing rules, status, test service settings, etc.
  • View services’ statistics
  • Apply for a short number or URL redundancy

Implementation results

  • Increase in VAS service consumption and thus increase in ARPU
  • Easy and simple partner connection establishment
  • Transparent relationship between VAS providers and the operator
  • Decrease of load in operator’s network on transport level
  • Subscribers pay for exactly what they get
  • Increase of subscribers’ loyalty