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Customer Value Management

Platform SC.CVM is designed and suitable for creating campaigns to promote communication provider services. The creation of the campaigns motivate the clients by offering them services at the very right moment. This is possible thanks to analysis of the clients’ behavior and clearance to their events, which are generated in the cellular network. For instance, when the client is trying out a new smartphone in a dealer center. At this moment he or she receives a proposition of «the Internet for free», if he or she chooses to buy this brand cell phone.

SC.CVM helps marketologisits to computerize the contact with the subscribers and achieve maximal conversion from the selected target group. This is a unique complex proposal that combines a firmware part and services of Svyazcom specialists who supervise and analyze CVM campaigns. We propose this platform on the PaaS model.

Key features

  • Subscriber base analysis. Detecting a group of subscribers, who are potentially ready to use services more actively or on the contrary are tend to churn.
  • Creation of CVM campaigns and loyalty campaigns for different segments via web-interface.
  • Different communication channels support.
  • CVM programs revenue position forecast.
  • Hypothesis quick testing.
  • CVM campaign control and it’s accomplish efficiency analysis.
  • CVM campaign modernization to boost revenue positions.
  • CVM campaign effectiveness report.
  • Integration support with current CRM or DWH solutions of the operator.

Types of campaigns supported by the solution:

  • Subscribers churn countermeasures.
  • Personal billing plan promotion.
  • The Operator extra services promotion.
  • Top-up stimulation.
  • Brand smartphone promotion.
  • The Operator applications promotion.
  • Subscribers’ training/encouragement programs to consume services.
  • Boost of subscribers to increase his/her level of costs.
  • Multilevel campaigns with constant feedback.

Benefits & advantages

Increased communication efficiency with Real Time

The subscriber is offered new services at the very moment when the subscriber most needs them (in real time) based on subscriber consumption patterns with similar needs and the behavior of the subscriber.

Quick launch of CVM campaigns

Quick launch of campaigns based on file data exchange with further deeper integration into the network of the telecom operator. Integration of the platform can be carried out in parallel with the implementation of the project using the file exchange method. The average installation time for a solution is 2-4 months. Development and launch of a new campaign takes only 5-15 minutes

Ability to choose various communication methods

The platform makes it easy to integrate with external communication systems with subscribers both provided by Svyazcom (USSD targeted tails, SMSC, Messaging Hub, etc.), as well as with solutions of other companies.

Flexibility in choosing options for campaigning

The platform contains more than 300 different criteria for identifying and segmenting subscriber groups for conducting marketing campaigns, including segmentation by geographical feature, by the type of telephone used, by the history of top-ups and expenses for current services.