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SC.Full Forwarding

The platform allows full forwarding of mobile communications services to a user-defined number (other operator’s number, including abroad). SC.Full Forwarding implies that the new number will receive forwarded calls and messages, no matter the sender’s network.

Target audience

Subscribers who lost or left their mobile phones somewhere. In this case full forwarding can be activated to the mobile phone at hand (husband's/wife's or colleague's phone number, subscriber’s second phone number) until the SIM-card is restored or the phone is found. Forwarding can be specifically required by users finding it critical not to miss calls or messages.

Key features

  • Calls and messages transit to new numbers while the forwarding function is enabled
  • Receive SMS commands to activate or deactivate the service
  • Data modification in the operator’s HLR
  • Automatic deactivation of the service after the original SIM card is registered back in the network (if it was unavailable during service activation)
  • Inform with SMS messages
  • Support various channels to manage service activation / deactivation
  • Monitoring and processing of statistical data
  • API for integration with external apps
  • Generating data for billing

Benefits & advantages

  • Forwarding calls and SMS from any sending network
  • Forwarding to numbers of any operator. Subscribers can receive calls and messages when in the country with no presence of any roaming operator
  • Data modification in the operator’s HLR
  • Easy activation / deactivation of the service for users
  • Ability to integrate with prepaid and postpaid billing systems of various manufacturers
  • Service implementation increases subscribers’ loyalty