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Information about the current geographic coordinates of a mobile terminal

The SC.LBS complex collects information about the location of subscribers and organizes the messaging in certain geographic zones. In addition, the platform provides aggregated data of mobile network subscribers: gender, age, ARPU, roaming usage, tariff plan, costs of SMS or voice communication, etc. The received data help operators and content providers to quickly create new services or improve existing ones.

Information about marketing profile of subscribers and translocations history is available in the platform web interface. Flexible policy of access to functions of the web interface allows to use it both for administrative purposes and for operation of MNO’s partners.

Key features

  • Accumulation and storage of actual information about subscribers’ locations
    • From VLR using MAP requests
    • Processing CDRs and VLR protocols
    • From application on a mobile device with GPS/GLONASS support
  • Ability to find location of a specific subscriber without pre-gathering information
  • API for getting location data
    • Request on the location of specific subscribers (now or at a specified time in the past)
    • Request all subscribers in chosen location area
    • The data includes the most recent time of a subscriber's activity
  • Enhanced capabilities to provide services
    • Possibility to send SMS and MMS to subscriber's specific location
    • Supplement subscribers' requests to the content providers by information about their location
    • Transit SMS and MMS messages from content providers, in response to subscribers’ requests
    • Hiding subscriber's MSISDN from partners for security purposes
    • SMPP, MM7 support
  • Log operations and monitoring
  • Operator's black and white lists
  • CDR file generation

Benefits & advantages

  • Easy and simple connection to external applications of content and service providers via flexible API (HTTP)
  • Emergency and/or advertisement bulk SMS campaigns
  • Possibility for the operator and service providers to send SMS and/or MMS messages to subscribers in chosen areas
  • Adjustable network load
  • High-speed performance
  • Works on GSM/UMTS networks
  • Integration with Geographic Information Systems
  • New services based on geolocation can increase voice, SMS and data usage

​Integration scheme v.1

Information is gathered directly from VLR via MAP-requests

​Integration scheme v.2

MAP requests are done only when it is impossible to receive geo information from CDR processing