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Multimedia message exchange and storage system

This is a hardware and software complex that provides multimedia message exchange in the MNO’s network. Additionally, some extended capabilities are offered to subscribers using MMS: message archive, redirecting, filtering by subscriber lists, MMS autoreply, service management via subscriber dashboard, etc. This solution can be transparently integrated into the MNO’s network and does not require changes to the subscriber terminal and SIM card software.

Key features

  • Message reception, storage, and delivery (including repeated delivery, delayed delivery, and priority delivery). Use of MM1/MM3/MM4/MM7 and SIP/MSRP protocols
  • Routing and address translation
  • MNP support
  • Message archiving without access limitation when roaming
  • MMS message redirecting (unconditional, from specified numbers, by time)
  • Configurable SMS notifications and reports
  • Automatic response to inbound MMS messages
  • Black and white lists (configuration of inbound MMS filtering)
  • Capability for configurable message modification on the fly
    For example, when messages are redirected, or automatically replied to, redirection information may be added to their content (header or body).
  • MMS sending by subscriber groups
  • User web interface (subscriber dashboard)
  • Welcome MMS sending
    Special welcome message sent to a subscriber after MMS configuration. Can be used, for instance, to check whether the configuration is correct, and to demonstrate the operation of the service.
  • Platform monitoring, statistics collection, and logging
  • Detailed information about processed MMS
  • Support of delayed message delivery
  • API for managing subscriber profiles and for Welcome MMS ordering

Benefits & advantages

  • Message delivery according to priorities
  • Support for large messages (up to 2 MB)
  • Support all actual versions (5.3.0, 5.4.0, 5.5.0, 5.6.0, 5.8.0, 5.10.0, 6.3.0, 6.4.0, 6.5.0, 6.6.0, 6.8.0) and schemes of MM7 protocol
  • Capability of using MSCF for message routing (MM10)
  • Capability of using an internal WAP-GW
  • Capability of using an internal email gateway (support for MMS reception and delivery to email using SMTP protocol)
  • Capability for online billing of messages/events using the Diameter or CAMEL protocol
  • Capability of using its own Legacy system or integration with third-party systems
  • Storage of the message archive for each subscriber over a long period
  • Functional condition in case of temporary unavailability of the message archive
  • Capability for integration with IMS Core (for easy integration with MMS Hub and delivery of messages to IMS subscribers)
  • The SC.MMS Transcoding platform or a system of other manufacturer can be used to adapt MMS
  • Smooth integration into the MNO’s network
    This function allows several MMS centers of different manufacturers to operate over the network of an MNO. Consequently, integration of new MMS equipment will not cause problems for the delivery of old messages.
  • Multifunctional user web interface (subscriber dashboard)
    • Archive of received and sent messaged
    • A subscriber can create MMS recipient groups and send messages to them
    • User folder creation and MMS grouping by folder (manual and automatic, according to user specified rules)
    • Messages can be sent from the archive (without using the phone)
    • Automatic replies can be set up for incoming MMS messages
    • Subscriber customizable black and white lists

Implementation results

  • MMS traffic stimulation
  • Increased loyalty of the MNO’s subscribers and subscribers of other MNOs
  • Increased ARPU from additional services
  • Increased income form the termination of MMS traffic from MNOs around the globe (through integration with MMS Hubs using SIP/MSRP protocols)

Integration scheme