28 November 2013

Svyazcom was chosen as a supplier of "SC.Bulk SMSC" for "Unitel" (Uzbekistan)#

Svyazcom was chosen as a supplier of “SC.Bulk SMSC” for “Unitel” (Uzbekistan)(TM Beeline). This solution manages mass mailing of discounts, sales, plan advertisements and marketing, to subscribers.
“SC.Bulk SMSC” reduces the load on the operator's SMSC with a user-friendly interface. Automatic mailing can be managed by setting a planned start time and end of mailing.
Svyazcom LLC has been chosen as the “Hardware and software system for implementing the mass-mailing SMS for Vimpelcom — UZ” organized by Vimpelcom group.
See description “SC.Bulk SMSC”
27 November 2013

Svyazcom installed an MNP-platform on the "ETK" network#

Svyazcom installed the platform “Svyazcom.SMS/MMS MNP Gateway” at "ETK“(TM Rostelecom) network. This solution provides MNP (Mobile Number Portability) for SMS and MMS services. Integration minimizes the risk of subscriber charges when connecting with message services, when the MNP law will accept. The platform “Svyazcom.SMS/MMS MNP Gateway” serves all “ETK” subscribers.

27 November 2013

Svyazcom has completed an MMS center installation for MobileTeleSystems#

Svyazcom LLC completed installation of the Svyazcom.MMSC platform at the network of MTS (NYSE, MBT) — the biggest mobile network operator in Russia and CIS. The platform will serve subscribers in the following MTS regions: Moscow, Center, Volga, North-West, Ural, South, Siberia, and Far East.
The solution provides full service and extended options including:

  • Subscriber’s web-interface
  • MMS message archive
  • Redirection of MMS messages
  • MMS auto answering service
  • Black and white lists for MMS
  • E-mailing MMS-messages
  • The ability to send messages of larger size than standard

Additionally, the platform supports MNP (Mobile Number Portability).

SC.MMSC description

22 November 2013

Svyazcom installed an SMS-Firewall on the "ETK" network#

Svyazcom installed the platform for monitoring and processing signal traffic  "SC.SS7 Gateway" at "ETK"(TM Rostelecom) mobile network. The platform "SC.SS7 Gateway" detects and blocks mass-mailing SMS and fraud - SMS-Flooding (overload of SS7-traffic), SMS-Faking (sending SMS-message from fake message center number), SMS-Spoofing (substituting sender's name with another SMSC), and SMS-Smishing (fraud SMS).

The management module allows setting specific rules and filters, and then the system automatically analyzes and blocks traffic.

See description Svyazcom.SS7 Gateway


23 October 2013

Integration of DMS-system at Beeline network#

Svyazcom completed the proccess of integration DMS-system - Svyazcom.SMS-Settings at Beeline (Armenia) network. 

As a result it helps to subscriber's to adjust internet, wap, mms settings easy, . 


About Beeline Armenia

News at Beeline website

Description Svyazcom.SMS-Settings

16 September 2013

Tcell starts new service "Always available" due to "SC.SmartConnect" platform#

The largest MNO of Tajikistan - Tcell - starts new service "Always available". This service provide to subscribers recieve missed calls notifications, send and recieve voicemail messages when the phone switched off or out of the coverage area of the network. The service "Always available" started work after installed "Svyazcom" platform "SC.SmartConnect". 

See news on Tcell website
See description of SC.SmartConnect

11 July 2013

Svyazcom upgraded service “Promissed payment” at “Rostelecom-ETK” network#

“Promissed payment” at “Rostelecom-ETK” network have been upgraded, now this service work automatically when subscriber reach debt at account. 50, 100 and 200 rubles available. Used to be the subscribers need to activate this service manually using special number 070013

Read about this service

5 June 2013

Integration of DMS-system at Beeline network#

Svyazcom completed the proccess of integration DMS-system in Beeline (Tajikistan) network.

As a result the delivery speed of VAS-services when subscriber registered at network was significantly increased. 

Information about Beeline Tajikistan

Description Svyazcom.SMS-Settings

30 April 2013

The 5th "Svyazcom Mobile Summit" completed#

This time we had a meeting at Mauritius island. The biggest mobile operators, Vimpelcom, MTS, Megafon, Rostelecom, Tcell, Kcell,  content-provider Mobilfon, service-provider Megalabs and ZED-TEMA participated in summit. The speech and presentations were devoted to telecommunication market, current technologies and future development.


9 April 2013

Integration of EIR and DMS-system in Tcell#

Svyazcom completed the proccess of integration EIR and DMS-system in Tcell network.

As a result the delivery speed of VAS-services when subscriber registered at network  was significantly increased. 

Information about Tcell

Description Svyazcom.SMS-Settings

Description Svyazcom.EIR

19 March 2013

"Svyazcom.MMSC" have been installed at "Tcell" network#

The platform for exchanging multimedia messages(MMS) deployed into biggest Tajikistan network Tcell.

Exept standart options of MMSC, it provides extended and additional options with high-perfomance and reliability. Previous third-party installation was replaced by Svyazcom solution

Information about Tcell

Svyazcom.MMSC Description


5 March 2013

Victory of bidding tender to deploy MMS Center at MTS company#

Svyazcom company won an open tender to deploy and supply MMSC into the MTS (Russia) network. With SC.MMSC, multimedia messages can be sent from mobile phones, e-mail, web sites, and various external MMS applications. 

Information at MTS website (rus)

MMSC description


19 February 2013

We invite you to visit "Mobile World Congress 2013"!#

Dear customers and partners. This year «Svyazcom» is participating in «Mobile World Congress 2013» in Barcelona, February 25-28. Our company's representatives will give you detailed information about our products. We would like to see you at our Stand 8.1K28 which is located at AppPlanet.

1 February 2013

Our company website has been updated#

We updated our website. It's an all new design.  We rebuilt our new product categories. Here you can get all the detailed information you need, including integration schemes into a mobile operator's network. We made several categories - Messaging, Voice, Data, VAS, and Network Infrastructure. Right now we have an English version to keep you up to date with news and products.

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