27 August 2014

Integration of new module "Svyazcom.EIR" for M2M-devices#

Svyazcom continue successful cooperation with operator “MTS”. Installed Svyazcom.EIR at MTS network extended with new module for M2M-devices. New module EIR.M2M trace SIM-card status and send data to external systems. It helps to avoid unauthorized SIM-cards with plans for M2M at another devices.

EIR provide with functionality:

  • Automatic control managing with any SIM-cards, included designed for M2M market.
  • Supporting one time working EIR emulator, real and central EIR.
  • Fast detection (up to 10 seconds after registration) new triplets IMEI-IMSI-MSISDN.
  • Creating and supporting updated base with subscribers and devices.
  • Completing tasks for marketing campaigns based on automatic services and bonuses for subscribers.

Description Svyazcom.EIR
Description Svyazcom.M2M Platform

12 August 2014

Svyazcom implemented SS7 Gateway for "Vainah Telecom"#

Svyazcom installed Svyazcom.SS7 Gateway platform for CJSC “Vainah Telecom” — universal operator in Chechnya Republic and largest multiservice network at North Caucas.

Svyazcom. SS7 Gateway identifies and blocks illegitimate SMS traffic such as: spam mailing, fraud etc. Scaning, analysing and blocking works automatically. Flexible rules control available. Svyazcom. SS7 Gateway analyse message content, titles, sender address, including SMSC sender number.

Provided with additional functionality:

  • traffic analyse direction — for sent and recieved messages;
  • analyse problem network components after failure;
  • posiible use for operational-investigative activities;
  • detecting malicious behavior of nodes in the SS7 network of other operators;
  • traffic balance between operators components in case of a distributed architecture SS7 nodes.

Platform implementation solve problem of illegitimate traffic at operator's network and increase subscriber's loyality. For operator it's a tool for traffic analyse and additional control of network components.

Description Svyazcom.SS7 Gateway

5 August 2014

Svyazcom LLC has implemented a project for Swiss operator#

Svyazcom LLC has implemented an SC.SMSC project for transit operator Mitto AG. The specialists of Svyazcom promptly launched a high-performance solution for transit and processing SMS traffic with a high degree of reliability and fault tolerance.
The main goal of the project implementation process was providing high-speed routing and delivery of SMS-messages. SC.SMSC allows interaction with many operator nodes, both incoming and outgoing directions, choosing the fastest and most cost effective delivery option for SMS messages. The functionality of the solution includes the ability to connect multiple content providers and partner projects. Using traffic partner(affiliate) programs, transit traffic can be charged at the platform level under various options — batch billing of traffic or charging each individual SMS message.

Description SC.SMSC

23 July 2014

"Svyazcom" has implemented the DMS platform named "Svyazcom.SMS-Settings" for the major operator of the Republic of Belarus, JLLC Mobile TeleSystems#

The implemented platform provides such functions as:

  • Automatic data service settings delivery following registration of a mobile device on the operator's network.
  • Automatic data service settings delivery following a SIM-card change or a mobile device change.
  • Manual process for necessary data service settings by subscriber via SMS, USSD or IVR.
  • Delivering automatic settings to a list of subscribers via bulk messaging.
  • Collecting statistical data and providing detailed reports to be used by marketing personnel for effective planning of advertising campaigns. The data includes, among other things, various aspects of mobile equipment used by subscribers (vendor, model, supported standards and technologies, device history), settings delivered to the subscribers, etc.
  • Sending the most likely settings for those device models that are not found in the database. The Device Database receives monthly updates.

Svyazcom.SMS-Settings simplifies the process of setting data services and VAS-services for subscribers, increases service penetration and income as well.
Svyazcom.SMS-Settings has an additional benefit — built in SMSC for sending settings and notifications.

Description Svyazcom.SMS-Settings

22 May 2014

Svyazcom was chosen as a supplier of DMS to the "Vimpelcom" group#

Svyazcom was chosen as a supplier of DMS (SC.SMS-Settings) to Beeline, Tajikistan (Tacom LLC) and Beeline, Georgia (Mobitel LLC).

At Beeline, Tajikistan network, the currently-installed DMS will be integrated with the SC.EIR module. This launch helps subscribers make a simple customization to their mobile devices and increases revenue to the operator.

At Beeline, Georgia network, the SC.SMS-Settings will be integrated with the existing SC.EIR. This launch helps subscribers make a simple customization to their mobile devices and increases the number of subscribers using internet/mms/gprs services.

Svyazcom's platforms were chosen as a result of the tender “Device Management System for Tacom and Mobitel” organized by “Vimpelcom” group.

Description SC.SMS-Settings
Description SC.EIR

27 March 2014

SC.MNP-SRF complex launched in Vainah Telecom network#

Within a short time, Svyazcom installed the SC.MNP-SRF platform for Vainah Telecom CJSC. The purpose of the platform is to support MNP processes during the service of voice calls and SMS routing, in particular when the central ported numbers database is unavailable.
The platform was ready for operation 1 month after the delivery contract was signed.

Description SC.MNP-SRF

6 March 2014

Renewal and Launch of SC.SMS-Settings Solution in the Network of MTS Turkmenistan#

MTS Turkmenistan and Svyazcom have been cooperating for many years. After the suspension of the MNO’s business and its restoration 18 months later, it became necessary to restore operation of the SC.SMS-Settings DMS system. The restoration activities included updating all platform software to the latest versions, updating the device and device auto configuration database, and supplementing the installation with the SC.EIR platform for automatic delivery of settings upon registration of new devices in the network. This will allow the MNO to increase the number of users of VAS services to a significant extent.

On March 6, 2014, the platform was launched for commercial operation.

Description SC.SMS-Settings

Description SC.EIR

3 March 2014

Integration of Specialized USSD Center into Kcell Network Completed#

Svyazcom has completed the installation and testing of the SC.USSDC platform for the mobile network operator Kcell.
The purpose of the platform is to increase the conversion rates in activation and sales of VAS services. For this purpose, the installation has been supplemented by such products as SC.USSD Push, SC.USSD Advertising Proxy, and SC.USSD Portal CMS.
Combined, these tools allow mass advertising campaigns both by direct sending bulk USSD messages to subscribers and by making additions to the responses of the MNO’s existing USSD services. At the same time, it is possible to interact with subscribers bilaterally through complex USSD menus, with a possibility to transfer subscriber responses to external systems (e. g. billing).
All settings of the bulk messaging, USSD menus, connections to external systems, etc., are made in the web interface.

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Description SC.USSDC
Description SC.USSD Push
Description SC.USSD Advertizing Proxy
Description SC.USSD Portal CMS

24 February 2014

We invite you to visit "Mobile World Congress 2014"!#

Dear customers and partners! This year “Svyazcom” is participating in “Mobile World Congress 2014” in Barcelona, February 24-27. Our company’s representatives will give you detailed information about our products. We would like to see you at our Stand 6l60 which is located at Hall 6.

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