2 September 2015

The launch of the new NotifyCall service based on SC.SmartConnect#

We launched the NotifyCall service with Tcell, the largest Tajikistan mobile operator. The service is based on a universal SC.SmartConnect platform. Apart from NotifyCall, the following services are functioning on the basis of our system in the operator’s network: VoiceMail, MCA, Collect Call and Promised Payment.

About NotifyCall

If a subscriber fails to establish connection with other subscriber, for example, when he is out of funds to make a call or the called subscriber is unavailable or busy, a corresponding notification will be sent, more often as an SMS. NotifyCall service is a missed call instead of SMS. The connection is not established, but the phone registers a real missed call. Such notification method increases voice traffic and therefore MNO’s income as a missed call often prompts subscribers to call back.

NotifyCalls can be sent to Tcell subscribers, as well as to numbers of other operators. We provide flexible system parameter settings. For example, it is possible to specify a list of numbers to which it is allowed to send NotifyCall, as well as to set the maximum number of notifications for a time period. The service is also provided in roaming.

Final results

The figure shows the percentage of subscribers who made a call back within 2 hours after receiving a NotifyCall. Percent variation depends on the call direction — off-net or on-net.

The NotifyCall service complements already existing Pay4Me services operating in the Tcell network. In cases when a subscriber does not have sufficient funds to make a call, the subscriber is offered to choose one of the Pay4Me options: Promised Payment or Collect Call. If the subscriber refuses to make a call using these services, the notification by a pseudo-call is made.

One platform — a variety of services

SC.SmartConnect is a platform that helps subscribers to communicate with each other. Here are some examples of services that can be run on its basis: voice mail, missed call notification, promised payment and collect calls, as well as various callback options.

Operators with the SmartConnect platform installed can deploy on its basis several services simultaneously, including new ones which were not initially built-in. Unlike many platform solutions, SC.SmartConnect will allow an MNO to create and launch any new services faster, saving operator’s time and money for integration as well as for hardware and software.

17 June 2015

Devices used by your subscribers#

Beeline in Tajikistan and Armenia (Tacom LLC and ArmenTel CJSC) has got a new tool to obtain accurate and timely information for the subscriber base analysis. An advanced statistics module complements the SC.SMS-Settings system.

The main purpose of SC.SMS-Settings is sending of Internet access automatic settings on subscriber devices immediately after their registration in the network. If the device does not support auto-configuration, the system sends the manual configuration instructions.

The subscriber gets the Internet on the device, and the operator increases the income from data transfer services.

Useful tools for subscriber base analysis

We have substantially improved the statistics module for the subscriber base research. Now, SC.SMS-Settings is able to analyze capabilities of phones of operator’s subscribers. The base of mobile devices is increased monthly — currently it includes more than 68.000 models. Reporting tools include about 70 different characteristics of devices. They are used to form almost all system base reports.

Here are few examples of SC.SMS-Settings reports application.

For service providers: data on device capabilities ensure the correct content selection for each subscriber.

For the marketing: information on the number of smart phones on the network helps to create individual proposals depending on the device type or model. These data can be used in decision-making on the new pricing plans introduction or the potential of infrastructure investments. Reports include the data on the penetration of LTE devices in the network that allows to calculate the model of data transfer services development.

The solution collects information about devices used by the subscriber including the data when the subscriber starts to use a new mobile device. For operator’s retail business: such data facilitate the creation of sales models.

Thus, SC.SMS-Settings answers to topical questions:

  • What is the best direction for the network development?
  • How to promote services?
  • What device model should be offered to customers tomorrow?

Reports can be prepared in a comfortable way: in the background, according to the schedule or as data export to various formats (on-screen display, PDF, TXT, Excel). The system provides the possibility to research the entire subscriber base or selected groups. If necessary, SC.SMS-Settings transmits data to other external systems for the service promotion.

For other product features, please, visit the website.

If you have any questions, please, contact us at product@svyazcom.ru.

27 May 2015

MMS Trаnsсоding How to transfer photos from iPhone to Nokia 3110#

In May 2015, we launched the module MMS Transcoding on the platform SС.MMSC for the multimedia messaging network of the operator Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (“MTS”).

Why is there a need for a MMS Trаnsсоding

Phones differ in their capabilities to display videos and photos, be it screen resolution or codec support. This causes a number of difficulties when trying to view the transmitted multimedia content on older devices.

MMS Trаnsсоding successfully solves such problems.

MMS Transcoding knows the peculiarities of the subscribers’ phones downloading MMS. If the device cannot play the contents, a message is sent to the system which will convert the contents to a supported format. For example, MMS Transcoding converts pictures to maximum supported size.

How it works

All multimedia messages, which are downloaded to your phone, go through transcoding. Information about the capabilities of mobile devices is stored in an internal database system, which is updated with new phone models. If necessary, MMS Trаnsсоding modifies the MMS so that the phone of the subscriber-recipient is able to download and display the message correctly.

According to statistics, 40 to 50% of MMS needs processing. After conversion, the size of the MMS is reduced by an average of 25%. In other words, if the operator has no transcoding, half of the subscribers download MMS of a larger size which cannot be normally displayed on their phones.

MMS Trаnsсоding reduces the load on the network of downloading MMS by 25 %!

The system not only modifies MMS, but also collects data on the traffic structure (attachment formats). If necessary, MMS conversion can be disabled to collect statistical information.

SC.MMS Trаnsсоding knows how to work with the MMSC of various manufacturers or can be installed as an optional module SC.MMSC.

Where to learn about the product

For more information on the supported features, visit our site.

If you wish to redistribute SC.MMS Trаnsсоding, write to us product@svyazcom.ru

1 April 2015

Svyazcom announces the launch of a new “Voice Call Auto Callback” service in the Kcell network#

The company Svyazcom continues its successful cooperation with mobile operator- JSC Kcell in the Republic of Kazakhstan with the launching of its new “Voice Call Auto Callback” service in March 2015.

With “Voice Call Auto Callback” it is much easier to get through to the caller if they are busy or out of the network coverage range. As soon as the called subscriber is available, the service automatically connects subscribers.

In the event that the called party is not in the network or the line is busy, the problem of “lost traffic” arises and, as a consequence, the loss of revenue. Svyazcom’s new product will increase voice traffic by 1.5-2%, and revenue per user per month — $ 0.02.

Consider the algorithm of services in more detail. If the subscriber is connected to the “Voice Call Auto Callback” service, instead of the standard reports of unavailability or a busy signal, they may take advantage of the automatic callback service. When you consent, the system begins to monitor the status of the called party. As soon as the called subscriber has released the line (or becomes available), this service turn dials and connects subscribers. The time during which the “Voice Call Auto Callback” monitors the status of the called party is configurable. When subscribers are unable to be connected, it is possible to send an SMS that the application process has been terminated.

In addition to voice messages, the service is supported by sending USSD Push immediately after the failed attempt.

The “Voice Call Auto Callback” service has been integrated with existing solutions for voicemail and Missed Calls Alert on Kcell’s mobile network based on the platform SC.SmartConnect. It is also possible to install this service as an independent platform.

Information about the service is available on the operator's website.

Description SC.SmartConnect

18 March 2015

Svyazcom at Mobile World Congress 2015#

Svyazcom has been presenting its solutions at MWC 2015 Barcelona.

One of our cutting-edge products is SC.Bonus Management platform. The solution enables loyalty programs management: it organizes different actions and automates bonuses supply. Mobile operator can simply set parameters for user or device profile, which will trigger the bonus automatically, e.g. TAC/IMEI of the phones. After buying the according device user will automatically get the bonuses, such as additional SMS and traffic packages, grace periods or other benefits.

MWC visitors have also paid great attention to our Call Completion System product. This platform has a set of services, which help users to stay connected in different scenarios: e.g. when the callee could not be reached, the callee number is busy, user has insufficient funds to make a call and so on. The stats indicate that the mobile operators, installing Call Completion Systems, increase their ARPU up to 5% — 15%.

Another popular product is SC.SMS-Settings. This solution is generating settings for Internet-access for any user device and automatically sending it to the device immediately when it appears on the network. This way users get Internet access instantly when inserting SIM-card and registering on the network, with no need to change any of the device settings manually. The platform logs a huge amount of mobile device parameters, so that it can be used as a powerful tool for marketing researches and forming unique offers:

  • the platform is instantly monitoring the popularity of device vendors and models;
  • enables targeted promotion for services;
  • analyses user preferences and helps creating new services.

Svyazcom keeps experimenting and develops solutions in lot of different areas. At MWC 2015we were presenting two of our new projects — mHealth Platform and virtual reality system prototype — VRInteractive.

mHealth Platform bases on life data aggregation — body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, physical activity, sleep and so on. This data is collected, stored in cloud and then interpreted and used in different ways. The project has two branches:

  1. Remote monitoring for post-operative and chronic diseases patients. This solution helps medical institutes to increase the quality of service and shortens the time patients stay in hospital.
  2. Mobile apps with personal health recommendations for end user. The system integrates with popular fitness devices and apps (Jawbone, Misfit, Fitbit, Runtastic, Runkeeper etc.), analyses data and gives personal health recommendations, provides individual diets and training programs.

SC.VRInteractive gained much attention among MWC visitors. This solution allows one not only to get into virtual reality, but to actually feel it.

Svyazcom stand has been giving anyone an opportunity to enter virtual space, by putting on the virtual helmet and special glove, equipped with a set of sensors and. Therefore one could feel the tactic feedback from interacting with the objects in virtual reality, having a very unique experience. We are very excited with the future of this solution, as we see this technology coming along with the interactive augmented reality.

Svyazcom thanks all the congress visitors for your very interest to our solutions. Four congress days have brought more than 1000 guests to our stand. We'd also like to thank our friends and partners for your support and help in company development. See you at MWC 2016!

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