Svyazcom.CEIR Platform Efficiency in Uzbekistan Confirmed by State

08 December 2020

The State Acceptance Commission decision on the commissioning of the mobile device  accounting and registration system in the Republic of Uzbekistan was signed on November 13, 2020.

IMEI code mandatory registration using the software and hardware complex CEIR, developed by Svyazcom, is active in Uzbekistan starting from April 1, 2019. SC.CEIR is the only CEIR system in the world, in which the central node and EIR modules integrated into the networks of all telecom operators were installed by one vendor in record time: 3.5 months only. Thanks to the fact that a single manufacturer develops all platform elements, data exchange occurs as quickly as possible. CEIR is the primary node, interacting online with EIR modules and other departments' information systems (for example, the State Customs Committee), several payment systems, and GSMA.

Even when in the pilot operation mode, the system proved to be highly effective. According to the official statistics provided by the head of the Republican Center for Telecommunications Network Management of Uzbekistan, about 47.14 million IMEI codes have been registered to date. This is an impressive figure for a country with a population of 34 million.

Rustam Kabulov, head of the Department of the State Customs Committee, stated that due to the registration of IMEI codes, mobile device legal import is growing. From January 1 to September 15, 2019, imports amounted to 58,810 units, the total amount of duties equaled $ 4.6 million. During the same period of 2020, 451,039 devices were imported, the collected amount of duties totalled $ 29.8 million. The state budget income increased by 743% as compared to last year. The legal market growth has led to a decrease in counterfeit devices that can pose a danger to human health.

The republic budget is replenished by registering mobile devices, which has become paid since December 1, 2019 (before that, all devices were registered on the network automatically and for free). According to the deputy The Legislative Chamber of the Parliament of Shukhrat Sharafutdinov, the funds from the registration will be directed to implementing projects to develop telecommunications infrastructure in villages and remote areas, tourist and recreational regions. It is planned to open education centers for training in information and communication technologies at the expense of received funds. 

The amount of work done by the Svyazcom specialists cannot be overestimated, starting with the preparation period and establishing interaction between the Regulator and operators, furthermore, participation in the regulatory acts development, and finally, the training for the platform operators. The system results are now confirmed by the state. The certificate of acceptance into the operation signed for the platform is an official confirmation of its effectiveness and compliance with all the necessary quality and safety standards.

Description of the platform Svyazcom.CEIR on the company's website

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