System for SMS-exchange arrangement between MNOs

The SC.SMS Hub is designed for routing SMS traffic between MNO networks. This solution helps to align exchange with an MNO regardless of its network capabilities. This includes:

  • Re-conversion of messages according to the interfaces and protocol versions of the sender and recipient MNOs
  • Accounting for the cost of each delivery channel
  • Determining the network of the recipient number (MNP support)

The customers of the SMS Hub may be:

  • mobile network operators (MNOs)
  • A2P customers (banks, commercial companies, social networks, and other organizations)
  • other SMS Hubs

The solution could be deployed both at MNO, and at an independent participant of telecommunication market.

Key features

  • SS7 based Hubbing
  • IP-based Hubbing
  • Protocol Conversion (SS7 → IP and IP → SS7). Support of various SMPP and MAP versions
  • Automatic routing and traffic distribution based on various criteria:
    • Time-based
    • Sender-based
    • Least Cost Routing
    • KPI-based (share of successfully delivered messages)
    • Based on connection stability
    • Based on the reason for failure of the previous delivery attempt
    • Based on the limits for channels or channel groups
    • Based on the subscriber number (considering MNP)
    • Based on a predefined load distribution between channels (percentage routing)
    • Based on channel priority (weighting coefficient)
  • Fallback function (return to previous enabled route when KPI is decreased)
  • Repeated delivery attempts
  • Making active network queries (SRI)
  • Fight against unwanted network traffic:
    • Identifying spam mailing sessions and blocking them on the fly
    • Anti-Spoofing
    • Anti-Flooding
  • Black and white lists for each customer
  • Statistics and report generation

Benefits & advantages

  • Messages can be received and sent via any of the following protocols:
    • MAP over SIGTRAN
    • MAP over SS7
    • SMPP v. 3.3, 3.4, 5.0
    • IS-41D over SIGTRAN
    • IS-41D over SS7
    • HTTP
  • All possible operation modes are supported for SMPP (client/server, receiver/transmitter/transceiver)
  • Cascade signaling is supported for SS7
  • Store and Forward and Transit (proxy) modes are supported for SS7 and SMPP
  • Various scenarios are supported for MNP realization
  • Multiple reports both for servicing purpose and for mutual settlement
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