SC.USSD Advertizing Proxy

Convenient solution to modify USSD message texts

Adding advertising messages at the end of USSD responses from various services in the MNO network will help deliver information to subscribers in a reliable and effective way. The platform supports both regular USSDs and complex dialogs (USSD menus).

Key features

  • Modification of USSD message texts

Insertion of text into a USSD response can be organized in two ways:

1. In specific USSD queries, e.g. available balance request

Only specific queries are routed to the platform. The platform will form the response text and add the advertising information to it. In this case, in addition to the advertising messages, the response text itself has to be specified on the platform.

2. Processing of any USSD queries

The platform requests the balance through an USSD-MO query to the existing USSD center of the MNO in the same way as if done by the subscriber. The received response is supplemented with advertising information according to the required parameters.

  • The following parameters can be considered during the modification of USSD messages:
    • USSD query text (prefix)
    • Subscriber number
    • Advertising message validity period
    • Time of day specified for each advertising message
    • Total length of the modified USSD response (limitation of USSD response length)
    • History of ad displays per subscriber (e.g. an advertisement should not be displayed more than once per day)
    • Other parameters at the customer’s request
  • Support for USSD dialogs (USSD menu)
  • Platform operation monitoring
  • Collection of statistical information
  • Administrator web interface

Benefits & advantages

  • The platform may function either in cooperation with the MNO’s USSD center or independently
  • Quick and easy integration into the MNO’s network
  • High fault tolerance
  • High productivity
  • Multilingual support

Integration schemes

Working independently of USSD center

Proxy working with legacy USSD center

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