SC.Welcome SMS

SMS notifications for roamers

The SC.Welcome SMS platform makes roaming services more transparent and understandable to subscribers. Platform tracks the registration of the following roamers:

  1. Its own subscribers in the guest networks or in other macro-region of MNO (if the network is divided into macro-regions) — Bon Voyage service
  2. Subscribers from other networks — Welcome SMS service

As soon as the registration detected, the SMS is sent with useful information about the network of location: tariff plans, promotions and services. This allows subscribers to calculate their costs optimally. Offering favorable service use conditions the MNO can increase subscribers’ loyalty.

Key features

  • Functions within the Bon Voyage service:
    • Sending of a greeting message with information about the local network upon the registration of a proper subscriber in other network
    • Creating the SMS notifications according to subscriber parameters (ARPU level, postpaid/prepaid, a set of active services)
    • Detection of the registration network change
    • Generation of reports about subscribers in roaming according to countries and operators
    • SMS sending to subscribers in a particular zone or network
    • Possibility of individual disconnection of a subscriber from notifications
  • Functions within the Welcome SMS service:
    • SMS notifications for other operators’ subscribers upon their registration in the home network
    • Generation of reports about guest subscribers according to countries and operators
  • Precise zone configuration. A zone may include a country part or several countries
  • “Black” lists of number series and network codes
  • Configurable period of a repeated notifications sending
  • Multilingual SMS notifications
  • Multi-user platform management web interface with different access levels (administrator, operator)
  • Collection of statistics and generation of reports about the volume and structure of the roaming traffic
  • Storage of the registrations history

Benefits & advantages

  • Easy integration with other MNO’s systems
  • Redundancy and scaling capabilities
  • Increased efficiency with roamers through availability of detailed statistics and messaging
  • Increased subscriber loyalty
  • The platform may include the SC.SMSC to realize independent SMS delivery from the platform which ensures savings on the regular SMSC licenses

Integration scheme

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