Svyazcom, the developer of software for mobile network operators (MNO) and content providers, presents a new product for organizing the operation of multiple communication services based on the Multiplatform universal solution.

The solution contains two cores: Messaging and Voice. The Messaging core ensures SMS and USSD exchange and contains more than 20 modules, which are used for running different message exchange services. The Voice core modules organize the operation of voice services.

Depending on the services to be implemented, Multiplatform is installed with a varying set of modules. If necessary, the content of Messaging and Voice cores may be supplemented or modified without significant expenditure.

Accelerated development for your business

When installed, Multiplatform is integrated with the key components of the MNO network: billing, MSCs (SIGTRAN, SIP), etc. Multiplatform's deeper integration allows the launch of new services within the shortest possible time (up to 1 month). In this catalog, you will find a description of the main services which may be deployed using Multiplatform.

Reduction of costs

Replace many outdated, separate systems with a universal solution and decrease the cost of maintenance:

  • free space in the server room
  • reduce the cost of maintenance services delivered by various suppliers
  • reduce the number of HR resources through a single interface for managing different services

When a service is no longer needed, Multiplatform will ensure the reuse of hardware resources for the organization of new services.

Flexible sales model — CAPEX or OPEX.

Free trial period for Multiplatform-based services

Test the service for a clear understanding of the efficiency and peculiarities of performance in the conditions of your mobile network. We offer deployment of Multiplatform-based services in free demo mode in record-breaking time, from 2 to 4 weeks, without modifications or additional equipment.

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