SC.Clearing Manager

Control settlements with roaming partners

The platform for mutual settlement management with roaming partners, support of various roaming scenarios, and financial data management.

SC.Clearing Manager processes CDR files received from MSC as well as incoming TAP files, received from MNO's billing system. After processing this information there will be created NRTRDE and ТАР files of necessary version for sending to a clearing center. The platform forms and sends notifications about failures or mistakes, thus, preventing delays in charging TAP files. The use of this system reduces risks connected with generation of accounts receivable.

Administrative web interface serves to set up platform operation parameters, to monitor and to receive statistics reports.

Key features

  • Work with data on roaming partners
  • Automatic loading, generation and messaging of roaming files (commercial and test ones), RAP files, and fraud statistics
  • Conversion of TAP files versions
  • Rollback of calls and TAP files with an option for repetitive loading and uploading
  • Generation of incoming and outcoming NRTRDE files
  • TAP and NRTRDE files review
  • Generation, messaging and control of invoices payment, credit and debit notes for roaming partners
  • Inputing and loading information about payments for the outstanding invoices
  • Automatic notification of roaming partners about accounts receivable
  • Rollback of payments and outstanding invoices
  • Generating and sending fraud-reports
  • Generating analytical reports on subscriber traffic in roaming (with an option for user's reports creation)
  • Messaging and sending roaming files (FTP, SFTP, SMTP, POP3)
  • Monitoring of all data handling processes and notification about failures
  • Automatic creation of backup copies for files sent and received

Benefits & advantages

  • Increase of billing or financial efficiency for business processes due to capability of information integration with other systems (ERP, DSS, etc.)
  • Provision of fully customized monitoring of TAP files being transmitted. Customized monitoring could be performed on all parameters of TAP records (MSC number, call number, cost, etc.)
  • Convenient web interface allows to promptly create own analytical reports in the form of tables or charts. Reports and forms are interconnected by means of references, which allow a user to easily navigate in DB content and move from one report to another just as easy as at usual sites
  • The platform is independent from software and hardware of the MNO's billing system or its roaming support system
  • NRTRDE support in the basic configuration

Integration scheme

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