SC.Business Intelligence

Main marketing tool

Telecommunication companies handle a huge amount of data about their subscribers. These data should be analyzed in detail and structured regularly to allow for a systematic vision of subscribers' behavior in real time. Such a comprehensive vision includes an understanding of subscriber habits, modes and methods of their use of services, preferences and interests.

Svyazcom offers the SC.Business Intelligence platform, a tool for subscriber database analysis and marketing campaign management.

The platform helps to quickly create targeted advertising campaigns, increase sales conversion, maintain subscriber loyalty, and develop effective marketing strategies. The modular structure of the platform allows to flexibly change its functionality and performance, thus adapting it to the customer's individual requirements. Each of the modules can be supplied separately.

Key features

  • Collection, clearing, storage and consolidation of data from various MNO systems
  • Support for various interfaces for loading data, sending alerts and control actions
  • Creation of target samples and recommendations for targeting
  • Analysis of interactions between subscribers, identification of communities based on communications
  • Forecasting subscriber behavior
  • Identification of common factors for cross-selling
  • Calculation of remuneration and bonuses, depending on subscriber activity: consumption of services, top-ups, lifetime in the network. Providing bonuses for using certain types of devices (tablets, smartphones)
  • Campaign development templates. 1-click selection of specific groups of clients, and working with them based on a predetermined algorithm that keeps time consumption to a minimum
  • Online monitoring, the collection of statistics on campaign results. Comprehensive assessment of marketing activity effectiveness
  • API for external systems

Implementation results

  • Support and increase of conversion
  • Personalized advertisements for a thoroughly targeted audience
  • Preventing customer outflow


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