The SC.SmartConnectTM platform provides the following services to ensure the connection of subscribers in mentioned situations:

  • Voice mail
  • Notifications about a subscriber appearing in the network and about missed calls
  • Various options of call back
  • Calls at the expense of the call recipient
  • Promised payment and more

This platform is intended for filtering and redirection of inbound and outbound voice calls and SMS by using Black and White lists of telephone numbers. To solve these tasks the platform processes signaling traffic (CAMEL, INAP, MAP, ISUP). Platform features allow to use it for implementation of different business cases:

  1. Filtering services for ordinary subscribers
  2. Filtering services for corporate customers
  3. MNO's network protection from malicious calls from external networks

The platform allows a caller to continue his/her call when he/she has an insufficient account balance. The subscribers can also make collect calls and top up their accounts without breaking their routine.


The SC.mVPN platform is a set of tools for voice calls and messages management. This platform features allow to merge mobile terminals into a virtual phone network — VPN. A lot of convenient functions are available to the subscribers within this network. This service could be realized both for corporate and individual clients.


Voice portals are used for solving various tasks:

  • Provision of voice services (including interactive ones)
  • Service management by a subscriber and others
  • Ordering of various content
  • Greater effectiveness through routine activity automatization (outgoing ringing, telemarketing, etc.)

The SC.IVR Portal platform is a set of easy-to-use tools for voice portal management. This solution can be useful both for MNOs and content providers. Support of modern (and classical) technologies and protocols ensures easy integration into Customer's networks and into the networks of their partners. Flexibility and convenience in logic setting will speed up releasing new services to the market.


Platform for automatic calls to subscribers on a list and playback of a voice message to them. The message can be the introduction to an IVR menu. Based on subscriber actions in this menu, data can be sent to external systems. For example, this function can be used for surveys or polls, or the subscriber can be offered a new service which is immediately connected upon the subscriber’s confirmation.


The proposed solution is designed for the automatic provision of the callback service to roaming subscribers.

In order to provide the service, the platform intercepts the call and, without picking up, plays a notification, and then drops the call. After that, calls are made to both subscribers (the customer who ordered the service and the recipient); if they both pick up, a connection is established between them, and the call is billed.