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SC.Roaming Billing

Control settlements with roaming partners

The platform is designed for the rapid exchange and processing of file streams during roaming relationships (functions of DCH, Data Clearing House), and the exchange or management of financial data associated with roaming (functions of FCH, Financial Clearing House).

The main result is that TAP, RAP and NRTRDE files are transferred to the appropriate systems. The platform also generates and sends notifications about failures or errors, thus preventing delays when charging TAP files.

The solution meets GSMA official documents such as BA.11, BA.19, BA.61, TD.91, TD.92, TD.93, TD.17, TD.24, TD.27, TD.32, TD.35, TD.37 and TD.57.

DCH Functions

  • File transit, generation and conversion to the desired format:
    • CDR processing
    • TAP processing and generation
    • RAP processing and generation
    • NRTRDE transit and generation
    • Creation of file copies in the desired format for additional receivers
  • Tariffs and billing management
  • IOT check
  • Repricing

FCH Functions

  • RTDR processing and transit
  • Invoicing

Benefits & advantages

  • Support for version control of settings
  • When certain events are detected while processing roaming files, the system generates and sends out various fault and error notifications
  • The platform web interface has options to discuss the detected problems with partners
  • Support for file rollbacks, re-downloads and re-uploads
  • Support for combining partial GPRS records
  • The web interface is used to configure all platform operation parameters, and also monitor and receive reports

Integration and traffic-flow scheme