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Convenient solution to modify USSD message texts

Adding advertising messages at the end of USSD responses from various services in the MNO network will help deliver information to subscribers in a reliable and effective way. The platform supports both regular USSDs and complex dialogs (USSD menus).

Key features

  • Modification of USSD message texts. The following parameters can be considered:
    • USSD query text (prefix). Thus, the advertising endings from USSD cervices can be differentiated
    • Subscriber number. The number can be used to target advertising messages. You can enter specific texts for individual subscribers, or set up advertising for individual regions, tariffs, etc.
    • Advertising message validity period
    • Time of day specified for each advertising message
    • Total length of the modified USSD response (limitation of USSD response length)
    • History of ad displays per subscriber (e.g. an advertisement should not be displayed more than once per day)
    • Encoding (you can define 2 versions of the text — for 7-bit and UCS2)
    • Black and white lists for each USSD service
    • Other parameters can be implemented on the customer's request
  • Support for USSD dialogs (USSD menu)
    Conventional responses are converted into interactive USSD, and the subscriber can respond and thus navigate through the USSD menu. In addition to navigating through menus, USSD requests can be made from the subscriber's number, and provisioning requests can be sent to other MNO's systems to activate services for the subscriber. The USSD menu is configured in the platform web interface.
  • Collecting statistics and generating reports

Integration schemes

The following integration options are supported:

  • Working independently of the main USSD center
    Only certain requests are routed to the platform (for example, only balance requests). The platform will form the response text and add the advertising information to it. In addition to advertising messages, the platform supports configuration for generating the text of the main response.
  • Working as a proxy for the main USSD center
    The platform requests the balance through a USSD-MO query to the existing USSD center of the MNO in the same way as if done by the subscriber. The received response is supplemented with advertising information according to the required parameters and is sent to the subscriber.
  • Integration with SC.USSDC
    The platform receives only those responses from USSDC that need to be supplemented by adding an advertising ending; such responses are processed and sent back to USSDC for subsequent sending to subscribers.

Working independently of USSD center

Proxy working with legacy USSD center