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Free version of SMSC

This solution is a free, fully virtualized version of the SC.SMSC platform. The unique property of this solution is that it is free while still supporting most of the SC.SMSC functions. SC.Free SMSC is distributed in the form of a virtual machine image with all necessary software already installed.

In order to become familiar with the features of SC.Free SMSC and start using it, all one needs to do is download the image, import it to the appropriate virtualization system, launch the virtual machine, log in using the built-in web interface, and configure its network integration with the required components in the MNO’s network. In case any problems arise during the registration of the product, please email us at

Key features

  • Productivity: 100 SMS/sec
  • SMS delivery to GSM subscribers (MAP GSM Phase 2+)
  • Integration with signaling network through SIGTRAN
  • SMS exchange with external services and content providers (SMPP 3.4)
  • Up to 100 SMPP connections
  • Short or anonymous number support
  • Support for long/segmented messages
  • Generation and sending of delivery notifications
  • CDR file formation
  • Configuration via web interface
  • And many other features

Additional Features

  • The product is intended for the organization of bulk SMS delivery by receiving messages via SMPP and delivering SMS messages to subscribers.
  • Virtual machine works under VMware
  • Simplified configuration as compared to the standard version
  • The product contains a configuration and operation manual

Free Version Limitations

  • No SMS reception from subscribers
  • No redundancy
  • No CDMA support
  • No USSD support
  • No support for CAMEL and Diameter protocols for online message evaluation

Benefits & advantages

Unique Solution

The offer is unparalleled in the world. No one has ever offered a publicly available free SMS center with such functionality. The solution is ready for operation within a short time period.


Despite the lack of redundancy of the server as a whole and the lack of cluster-based configuration, the reliability of all SC.Free SMSC components is at the level of the company’s industrial solution, SC.SMSC.

Integration scheme

The use of the standard SMPP 3.4 protocol allows SC.Free SMSC to be integrated with various applications, including third party applications.