Svyazcom Expands Vodafone's Capabilities

25 October 2019

The developers of Svyazcom completed the installation of DMS (Device Management System) for one of the companies of the Vodafone group in Europe. The new solution is the most effective replacement for its predecessor and provides additional opportunities for interaction with other services of the telecom operator.


Svyazcom.EIR / DMS is a hardware-software complex for remote downloading of settings for data transfer services to mobile devices of subscribers. In addition, the developed solution collects and stores statistics data on mobile devices in the network.

Svyazcom.EIR / DMS is the optimal technical and cost-effective solution. One of the main differences between Svyazcom.EIR/DMS from the previous system is its tight integration with EIR (Equipment Identity Register). The EIR subsystem stores and maintains an up-to-date database of the IMEI/IMSI/MSISDN triplets that have appeared in the operator's network recently. If a new triplet is detected, the event is forwarded to the DMS subsystem.

Integration of DMS with the EIR provides new opportunities:

  • The developed solution decreases the load on the subscriber service and SMSC service. Now the subscriber does not need to deal with the configuration of various services or order them through the operator's service center. Svyazcom.EIR/DMS provides automatic sending of settings to the new mobile terminal of the subscriber within no more than two minutes.
  • There is an opportunity to get rid of specialized software on SIM-cards to order settings automatically.
  • In DMS, it will be possible to accumulate and structure data on the devices of the entire subscriber database of the operator. This will make it possible to get unique analytics for business development.

With the help of Svyazcom.EIR/DMS, the telecom operator, will always be able to follow the development trend of a particular technology among subscribers of a specific region and understand in which direction it is necessary to move further. This will significantly reduce the probability of unjustified economic expenses. For example, most contraptions produced over the past few years work with 4G/LTE technology, but what devices do subscribers use?

Do not forget that technology is changing every year. Notable manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, and others are equipping smartphones to support fifth-generation mobile communications technology - 5G. But will these devices be popular with network subscribers? How necessary is a change in the standard of mobile networks? The developed solution will find answers to these questions.

Svyazcom.EIR/DMS has been successfully operating since the beginning of September 2019; in the future, it is possible to expand the functionality of the system. One of the options for expanding opportunities is integration with the subscriber events monitoring system (Svyazcom.EIR Control). This solution generates requests to external systems when it detects the suspicious activity of a subscriber's SIM card on another device.