Svyazcom New Development Directions

19 November 2019

Svyazcom participates in the development of solutions for machine vision and neural networks. To develop these technologies, a new direction was highlighted - the Technozrenie Company, which is actively growing and offers professional assistance and support in launching solutions with the face recognition technology. This is a joint project with partners of STOPSYSTEMY LLC, which brought together experts and specialists from various fields. Thanks to the highly qualified team, the project became successful.


Today, a practical and convenient identification function using face recognition is becoming more and more popular. The FASystem (Face Access System) of Technozrenie is a reliable hardware and software access control system that includes face recognition. It has a fail-safe cluster structure and high capability. This solution is implemented on the VisionLabs LUNA SDK core. The FASystem is one of the most advanced access control platforms with face recognition technology and is the best in Russia.

What is the purpose of the developed solution? First of all, face recognition technology provides the most efficient access mode for employees. The FASystem compares the visitor with his photo in the database in real-time; it either allows or prohibits access to the territory. Recognition accuracy is 99.8%. The solution can determine a person regardless of his hairstyle, headwear, or glasses. Moreover, it takes less than two seconds from the beginning of recognition to the opening of the door or turnstile.

The data of all employees of the organization, in which the FASystem is installed, is entered into a particular database, divided into groups following the existing access mode. Moreover, the number of categories of persons is not limited. Classification rules are determined by customer business cases. Besides, the database contains information about known criminals so that their appearance on sites cannot remain unnoticed.

FASystem offers the following advantages:

  • improving the reliability of employee identification;
  • passive surveillance in closed areas to identify unauthorized persons;
  • avoiding cards for permanent and one-time passes, which eliminates the possibility of forgetting or losing the documents required for entry;
  • no physical contact with the equipment, due to which fault tolerance is increased, yet the cost of operation is reduced.

The integration solution identifies and restricts access to people who are trying to use a photograph instead of a live face. This problem is solved by using the LivenessEngine module, which makes it possible to distinguish the face of a real person from an image or video, based on interactive recognition of facial expressions and proximity-removal of a person from the camera. The solution is unique for Russia.

The FASystem continuously processes the video stream from cameras installed on-site and captures all incoming people. Data from cameras is also displayed on monitors of the on-duty situation center. Depending on a situation, the system is capable of:

  • sending a message to the smartphone of a security guard on duty and display a notification on the central console;
  • viewing the images of all recognized people in a separate window;
  • keeping an endless history of the movement of all people on sites;
  • showing the last passage point on the map.

The FASystem is also applicable to other tasks, for example, to monitor the implementation of labor protection and safety requirements at the enterprise. The solution provides a report on the time spent by an individual employee in a particular area. It shows the color tracking of his movement; whcih can significantly increase the labor discipline of staff. In the event of emergencies, this approach will ensure the promptness of their investigation.

The FASystem can be integrated with any access control system. In 2019, with the support of Svyazcom specialists, the system was installed in the buildings and campuses of the Far Eastern Federal University. In the spring of 2019, the FASystem platform was integrated into the existing access control system for employees and visitors of the Krastsvetmet plant.