Svyazcom participates in the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) competition

16 April 2021

Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) competition held by the GSMA Association is recognized as one of the most prestigious competitions in the communications industry. Every year hundreds of teams and companies compete for the right to be considered the best in the digital sector. To be shortlisted for the award means recognition as a valuable player in modern technology. To get the prize in any of the nominations means getting the highest rating from colleagues in the industry.

Svyazcom’s software and hardware complex CEIR competes in GLOMO’s Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough. Svyazcom.CEIR is a unique system that is designed for monitoring mobile devices in the mobile operator networks. It is a comprehensive resilient solution that covers all stages of work, from the preparation stage to platform operators training, optimizes telecom operator networks operation, and facilitates related industries development.

The last year was a real challenge for many. The usual way of life for most of us has been disrupted, and people have come to rely on communication services more than ever before. Digital technologies have become a bridge, a connecting thread that allows people not to remain completely alone, being in lockdown and isolated. It was a year of not only significant challenges but also incredible victories, a year of reconsidering opportunities and gaining new meanings. The digital marketplace has seen a vast number of new high-end products designed to improve the quality of life for digital consumers. In these new conditions, participation in GLOMO competition along with the most prominent representatives of the industry becomes especially important and meaningful for Svyazcom.

Svyazcom’s application was accepted, and the shortlist will be published in May. Svyazcom is looking forward to the results and hopes to win.