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SC.SMS Center

Short Message System

A modern and reliable software and hardware complex with a cluster-based fail-safe structure and high bandwidth for transferring SMS and USSD messages over cellular mobile communication networks.

The versatility of the solution used in the creation of SC.SMSC facilitates installing and configuring the system for the custom needs of the MNO. The system architecture is oriented toward integration with any systems of third party manufacturers installed in the customer’s cellular network. Therefore, the product of Svyazcom is aimed at the expansion of the MNO’s existing technical capabilities, allowing a quantitative and qualitative increase in the network bandwidth in relation to transfer of SMS messages without losing the prior investments.

Key features

  • SMS reception from GSM (MAP GSM Phase 2+), CDMA (IS-41) and IMS/RCS (SIP) subscribers
  • SMS delivery to GSM (MAP GSM Phase 2+), CDMA (IS-41) and IMS/RCS (SIP) subscribers
  • SMS exchange with external services and content providers (SMPP 3.4)
  • Short or anonymous number support
  • Support for long/segmented messages
  • Generation and sending of delivery notifications
  • Reception and sending of USSD, support for USSD dialogs, coordination of USSD processing with any business logic, USSD-like service support for CDMA subscribers
  • CDR file formation
  • Cooperation with prepaid billing using various protocols:
    • CAMEL
    • Diameter
    • through SQL queries
  • MNP support
  • Set of SMS Extra services:
    • Flash-SMS
    • Inbound SMS message redirection to other subscribers or external services (e-mail)
    • Black/white lists for subscribers (individual configuration of reception or sending restrictions from selected subscribers/services)
    • Delayed delivery (SMS Calendar)
    • SMS Nickname
    • SMS Autoreply
    • SMS Signature
    • SMS Secret (password-protected SMS messages)
    • Copy2Email (copying inbound/outbound SMS messages to e-mail)
    • Individual mailing lists (sending SMS messages to several recipients at once)
  • Support for the Collect SMS service (SMS sending at the expense of the recipient in case of insufficient balance of the subscriber’s personal account)
  • Message transliteration
  • Multilingual messages generated by SMSC itself
  • Support for SMS messages in binary format
  • MoreMessagesToSend support
  • Review and clearing of SMS sent but not yet delivered
  • Generation of text and special delivery reports by several customizable criteria
  • Capability of using various recipient number conversion masks depending on the location of the sending subscriber (location determined by router number)
  • Detection of the subscriber’s LAC/Cell ID, uploading this information to the CDR
  • Scan code support
  • (Optional) Use of an internal programming language to customize the logic:
    • Message routing
    • Modification, deletion or addition of message parameters
    • Message billing
  • And many other features

Benefits & advantages


SC.SMSC has a modular architecture. The modules are combined by a single internal messaging protocol and placed on Linux servers. The minimum configuration uses 2 servers running in the load sharing (Active-Active) mode. All modules are duplicated on the servers. If the failure of any module is detected, the routing rules between the platform modules are automatically adjusted. Thus, the failure of some elements does not result in the degradation of the provided service.

Bandwidth and scalability

To increase performance, the platform architecture supports horizontal scaling by increasing the number of clusters/servers joined by a single internal routing system to distribute the load more equally. The multi-modularity and flexible configuration of interactions between modules allow for many different scaling options. The platform divides the processing of both SS7 and SMPP traffic. The SMSC throughput is only slightly dependent on the database's performance.

The practical performance of a one server solution depends on the conditions of the operator's network, and is usually at least 2,000 SMS/sec. When the platform is placed in a virtual environment, the capacity of one node can reach 50,000 SMS/sec.


The use of the standard SMPP 3.4 protocol allows integrating SC.SMSC with various applications, including third party applications.


In any configuration, SC.SMSC, in addition to providing independent SMS delivery and reception status, can be used concurrently with the MNO’s existing SMS centers, retaining the current numbers of SMS centers and all functionalities of the existing equipment. This option is convenient for a quick improvement of the performance of existing equipment with minimum additional service and configuration, which can significantly reduce the MNO’s costs of improvement of short message reception/delivery services.

The cluster-based organization of the solution allows the load to be flexibly distributed among the SC.SMSC servers, which, in addition to high performance and fail safety, provides capabilities for “blurred” installation of the solution on the MNO network with a geographically distributed network and weakly connected segments while keeping a single SMSC number for all subscribers.

Built-in network diagnostics mechanisms allow for flexible regulation of bandwidth depending on the network load, which is important on critical days (holidays). Thus an MNO may select the priority traffic type (voice or SMS) by delaying the delivery of low priority messages (delivery reports, low-budget subscribers) for the most effective use of network resources while maintaining the company’s image in relation to VIP subscribers.

Try before you buy

An important advantage of Svyazcom is its readiness to demonstrate its SMSC in action. Our unique offer is a 4-week preinstallation of SC.SMSC in the MNO’s network, which allows the customer to make a realistic assessment of the technical potential of this hardware and software complex, as well as the high economic and commercial efficiency of purchasing it.

Another unique offer is the free box version of the platform, SC.Free SMSC. It is a virtual machine with pre-installed SMSC ready for integration and use.

Integration scheme