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SC.Subscriber Control

B2B platform for subscriber event tracking

Today, financial institutions frequently interact with their clients via mobile networks. Sales, client servicing, and verification are often executed remotely, via a call center operator or mobile app. However, this greatly increases chances to implement various fraud schemes both related to these institutions and their clients. Typical example: a client changes his number, but his bank receives this information only after a certain time period and thus continues to send various information messages to the old number.

The SC.Subscriber Control platform is intended to decrease the risk level of such fraud during remote servicing via mobile telecommunication networks. The platform accepts requests from clients for service event monitoring for IMSI or MSISDN and then informs them about relevant events in real time. Data collection is executed in close interaction with a number of MNO systems: billing, EIR, HLR, VLR, SMSC, database of infected devices, etc.

Key features

  • Integration with client information systems over various protocols (HTTP/SOAP, FTP, etc.)
  • Receipt of client queries with MSISDNs, upon which it is necessary to track
  • Removal or changing of the object being tracked
  • Informing clients about events on MSISDNs being watched by the SC.Subscriber Control platform. List of tracked events depends on the list of integrated systems and their capabilities. For example:
    • Setting an administrative block
    • Removing an administrative block
    • Final blocking
    • Call forwarding activation
    • Call forwarding deactivation
    • The fact of call forwarding
    • Call Forward Busy (CFB) activation
    • Call Forward Busy (CFB) deactivation
    • Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable (CFNRC) activation
    • Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable (CFNRC) deactivation
    • Call Forwarding on No Reply (CFNRY) activation
    • Call Forwarding on No Reply (CFNRY) deactivation
    • Call Forward Unconditional (CFU) activation
    • Call Forward Unconditional (CFU) deactivation
    • Subscriber change of terminal (IMEI change)
    • IMSI change
    • MSISDN change
    • Number porting to another network (MNP Port Out)
    • Number owner change
    • SMS forwarding activation
    • Identifying terminal on the list of infected devices
    • Registration of the subscriber telephone in another country (with the indication of the country)
  • CDR generation for MNO (for cost clearing with system clients)

Benefits & advantages

  • Tracking only events required by the client
  • Ability to add new protocols for integration with B2B clients
  • Ability to expand the list of tracked events