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Solution for bulk SMS messaging

Bulk SMS messaging is well known as an effective, cheap, and versatile notification tool with various goals: from the promotion of products and services to notification of emergencies.

The SC.Bulk SMSC is a software and hardware complex designed for bulk messaging. Svyazcom’s solution allows the MNO to provide the service to external partners on beneficial terms in any areas requiring communication with customers (content providers, banks, shops, advertising agencies, emergency services, etc.)

The platform facilitates the organization of bulk SMS messaging sessions, SMS notification, interactive surveys and polls, and execution of various advertising and marketing campaigns. The system is operated, both by the customer and the administrator, via the web interface.

Key features

  • Creation and management of bulk messaging sessions
  • Partner connections management (SMPP 3.4)
  • SMS delivery to GSM (MAP GSM Phase 2+), CDMA (IS-41) and IMS/RCS (SIP) subscribers
  • Use of multiple source GT on a single node
  • Short or anonymous number support
  • Support for long/segmented messages
  • Multi-user platform management web interface with different access levels (administrator, operator, moderator, customer)
  • Contact grouping (import of subscriber lists from text files or a supported external system)
  • Formation of recipient lists
  • Moderation of bulk messaging sessions
  • Flexible configuration of anti-spam filters
  • Message traffic management (overload protection, flexible mechanisms for adjustment of the channel bandwidth for each external partner)
  • Detailed statistics by messaging session, final reports, export of reports via web interface
  • Work logging
  • Messaging session history
  • Various pricing plans for bulk messaging sessions (sale of SMS message packages, connection to billing accounts, etc.)
  • Automatically calculated partner compensation for SMPP transit
  • Integration with various billing systems (with postpaid through formation of CDR files, with prepaid billing using CAMEL or Diameter protocols of SQL queries)
  • MNP support

Additional Functions

  • Message transliteration
  • Multilingual messages generated by SMSC itself
  • Support for SMS messages in binary format
  • MoreMessagesToSend support
  • Delayed delivery
  • Partner grouping by region/country
  • Capability for integration with USSD portal creation and management system.
  • Analysis of TLV tags for routing purposes
  • Detection of the subscriber’s LAC/Cell ID, uploading this information to the CDR
  • And many other features

Benefits & advantages

  • Possible installation with functionality limited to bulk messaging session creation and management (without SMS transit and SMPP connection management)
  • High performance and fail safety
  • Modular architecture with scaling possibilities
  • Convenient web interface that facilitates configuring the required parameters of bulk messaging sessions
  • Capability of managing the entire traffic of messages passing through the system
  • Multilingual user interfaces
  • Easy integration into the MNO’s network

Integration scheme