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SC.Call Screening

Black and White lists for voice calls and SMS

This platform is intended for filtering and redirection of inbound and outbound voice calls and SMS by using Black and White lists of telephone numbers. To solve these tasks the platform processes signaling traffic (CAMEL, INAP, MAP, ISUP). Platform features allow to use it for implementation of different business cases:

  1. Filtering services for ordinary subscribers
  2. Filtering services for corporate customers
  3. MNO's network protection from malicious calls from external networks

Key features

  • Voice calls and SMS filtration
  • Inbound and outbound traffic processing
  • For each item on the Black or White list it is possible to indicate its action schedule
  • Calls and SMS forwarding (including by schedule and in roaming)
  • Customizing SMS notifications to respond to blocked inbound SMS and calls
  • Customizing call dropping code to respond to a blocked voice call — individually for each rule
  • Establishment of subscriber number groups to be used in lists
  • Browsing the list of blocked calls and messages
  • Platform administrator web interface
  • MNP support
  • Additional functions for subscriber service:
    • Recording and loading of own voice greeting for blocked subscribers
    • Service management by a subscriber via SMS/USSD, via web interface or via mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
    • Sending SMS notification for service users
  • Additional functions for corporate solution:
    • Corporate web interface for service management by client's representative
    • Using filtration lists of different levels: corporate, group, personal
    • Automatic loading of a corporate number list from billing
  • Additional functions for the MNO's solution (external calls filtration):
    • Deeper analysis of incoming signaling traffic
    • Wider opportunities for rules configuration
    • Automatic loading of blocked number lists from other systems (for example, from the fraud detection system)
    • Collection of external incoming traffic statistics with possible aggregation based on incoming trunk, MNO, etc.

Benefits & advantages

  • Any logic to combine black and white lists, as per Customer's request
  • Capability to add individual numbers, all hidden numbers and all numbers to the list
  • Own high-performance implementation of signal stack
  • Capability to playback a voice greeting in a pre-answer state
  • Additional advantages of subscriber and corporate solutions:
    • Operates in roaming
    • All foreign numbers and all short numbers can be added to a list (the specific list of these numbers is controlled by the platform administrator)
    • Capability to add INGW functions to the platform to combine operation of several IN services
  • Additional advantages of the MNO's solution:
    • Automatic blocking option for some types of unwanted traffic (for example, Beep Call) from external networks
    • Administrator notifications about significant changes in blocking statistics
    • Easy upgradeability up to SS7/SMS Firewall

Integration scheme