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SC.CAMEL Gateway

Platform for providing intelligent services

The SC.CAMEL Gateway system is designed to organize simultaneous operation of various CAMEL/INAP applications and IN services within one IN-trigger. The platform is the link between the operator’s switching hardware and other systems that support CAMEL Application Part (CAP).

Integrating SC.CAMEL Gateway into the operator’s network allows expanding the number of services provided to subscribers. The solution can be used to address a multitude of network needs such as Virtual Phone Network, Real-time billing system, Service Control Point (SCP) Gateway and others.

Key features

  • IN traffic intelligent routing between MSC and several SCPs
  • CAMEL-proxy mode (CAMEL Gateway node works transparently with operator’s SCP)
  • Possibility to modify CAMEL protocol messages
  • Possibility to create sets of IN services for a particular subscriber or group of subscribers
  • Specialized API for creation of customized IN services
  • Log operations and collect statistics
  • Service provisioning for prepaid subscribers in guest and home networks

Benefits & advantages

  • CAMEL Phase 1-3 and INAP CS1, CS1+, CS2 protocols supported
  • E1 and/or SIGTRAN M3UA can be used as a SS7 carrier
  • Extensive possibilities to customize routing
  • Possibility to create new IN services
  • Easy integration with any 3rd party system
  • High productivity
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Wide range of administrative tools

Use the platform’s API to:

  • Customize the platform’s settings
  • Create and customize your own IN services

Integration scheme