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SC.Campaign Management

End-to-end bonus campaign management solution

Telecommunication companies handle a huge amount of data about their subscribers. These data should be analyzed in detail and structured regularly to allow for a systematic vision of subscribers' behavior in real time. Such a comprehensive vision includes an understanding of subscriber habits, modes and methods of their use of services, preferences and interests.

The implementation in the MNO’s business processes of various bonus systems increases loyalty and reduces subscriber churn. The SC.Campaign Management platform is to manage promotional campaigns, discounts and bonuses which are automatically provided to subscribers in certain conditions. Events information which is relevant for participation in the campaign can be received by the platform from various systems in the MNO’s network. Interaction with external systems is based on standard protocols enabling easy solution integration into the third parties systems. The adaptation to the peculiarities of certain systems is also possible.

The tool for targeted marketing programs allows you to manage a subscriber base, for example, to introduce a new tariff policy by stimulating in a choice of tariff plans.

All settings are adjusted via the web interface:

  • Creation of a campaign and adjustment of its parameters:
    • Conditions of a bonus and a pre-bonus assignment (can include several steps)
    • Conditions of bonus withdrawal
    • Texts of SMS notifications to subscribers
    • Possibility of refusal to participate in the campaign
    • Effective period
    • Priority (for cases of a subscriber participation in several campaigns)
  • Parameters of interaction with external systems
  • Management of reference books (black and white lists, etc.)

Web interface also allows to view the history of platform interaction with billing or other systems, the current status and history of each subscriber, a list of participants.

Key features

The SC.Campaign Management platform can be integrated into various systems and implementation possibilities of the bonus programs and bonus campaigns depend on the type of the systems and the necessary information provided by them.

IMEI Charging

Interaction with the EIR provides the following benefits:

  • Automatic generation of a campaign participants list
  • Immediate detection of a SIM card insertion into the device involved in the campaign
  • Immediate detection of a device or device model change
  • Identification of the region of subscriber’s location
  • Detection of devices supporting many SIM cards

Billing Interaction

Interaction with the billing and EIR systems enables the following types of bonus campaigns:

  • Campaigns for subscribers who use the specific devices (IMEI list)
  • Campaigns for subscribers who use the specific device models (TAC list)
  • Joint campaigns with partners (distributors of communication devices)

ERP Interaction

Also, this platform version can be integrated into the IT system of a communication devices distributor (such as an accounting program in communications service provider’s shops).

Such compatibility provides the following benefits:

  • Automatic replenishment of promoted devices lists as soon as the devices are sold
  • Minimization of the errors in collaboration with partners
  • Easy increase of partners number

Interaction with a billing system, HLR and a unified payment system (UPS) enables bonuses based on the following parameters:

  • User activity (how much is spent minutes, SMS, Mbytes)
  • The amount accruals to the subscriber’s account fo the period
  • Subscriber’s lifetime

When interacting with billing system or UPS, list of program participants can be formed by SMS/USSD commands from subscribers or by provisioning commands from the operator systems (e.g. billing system).

The SC.Campaign Management receives payment information and other data from the UPS and billing system and this information is used to send commands about accrual of bonuses to a billing system and SMS notifications to subscribers.

At the customer’s discretion, the system may monitor the use of bonuses by a subscriber and form events for the billing system after the bonuses are used up.

Business Intelligence

  • Collection, clearing, storage and consolidation of data from various MNO systems
  • Support for various interfaces for loading data, sending alerts and control actions
  • Creation of target samples and recommendations for targeting
  • Calculation of remuneration and bonuses, depending on subscriber activity: consumption of services, topups, lifetime in the network. Providing bonuses for using certain types of devices (tablets, smartphones)
  • Analysis of interactions between subscribers, identification of communities based on communications
  • Forecasting subscriber behavior
  • Identification of common factors for cross selling
  • Campaign development templates. 1-click selection of specific groups of clients, and working with them based on a predetermined algorithm that keeps time consumption to a minimum

Common features for all versions of the platform installation:

  • Simultaneous carrying out of many different campaigns
  • Flexible configuration of campaign parameters. The logic can consider the subscriber participation in other campaigns, as well as the history of subscriber’s participation in the current campaign
  • Validation of each campaign step correctness before its launch
  • Automatic requests sending to the billing system for the connection and disconnection of bonuses in various conditions.
  • Throttling settings and retry mechanism can be used to send commands to the billing system
  • Anti-fraud mechanisms
  • Accrual of bonuses using a list uploaded by the MNO Configuring of campaign geographic regions
  • Black lists to exclude participation of specified subscribers in campaigns
  • SMS notifications to subscribers about the process of bonus connecting (or disconnecting), about limited effective periods, etc
  • Work monitoring and logging
  • Multifunctional web interface to control the platform with the possibility of access restriction
  • Collection of detailed statistics about system operation. Reports can be run according to schedule and sent by email

Basic set of reports:

  • MSISDN or IMEI details
  • Campaign (program) participants:
    • Number of participants broken down by bonus programs and bonus types
    • Number of participants broken down by reporting periods, with indication of the percentage of participants change between periods
  • Number and percentage of subscribers who refused the bonus program, broken down by programs and bonus types
  • The number of new participants
  • Total amount of provided and unspent bonus units
  • Bonus processing errors
  • Average ARPU for participating subscribers and % of change between the reporting periods can be displayed

Benefits & Advantages

  • Customer loyalty increase due to various support programs
  • Opportunity to increase the sales of campaign involved devices
  • Wide possibilities for interaction with external systems
  • The modular architecture of the platform and redundancy principles allow the load in the system to be automatically distributed, and additionally ensure the security of information
  • Possibility to use an internal SMSC for sending SMS notifications and processing of SMS/USSD commands from subscribers