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Central database for terminal accounting and control

The SC.CEIR platform ensures control and accounting of subscribers and their terminals in several MNO networks as per communication regulatory authority requirements. SC.CEIR is integrated with MNOs’ EIR systems and synchronizes different list sets with them, including IMEI and IMEI-IMSI, IMEI-MSISDN, and others necessary to check IMEI during query processing. Additionally, various rules for equipment admission to the MNO network are applied to these lists, such as Black list/Grey list/VIP list. The number of lists in different configurations is practically unlimited. The SC.CEIR platform can be integrated with the IMEI Database of the GSM Association to receive a list of allocated models (TAC) and to exchange black list.

The SC.CEIR platform can be used as a solution to track the usage of certain terminal models or the presence of equipment with suspicious parameters in the network.

The main goal of implementing such a system in the country is to prevent phone theft, reduce the number of counterfeit devices, and protect against illegal imports. SC.CEIR can also be used to accomplish financial goals, such as an improving the accounting quality and more control of the subscriber base and mobile device market, increased tax and duties collection, etc.

Key features

Main features:

  • Required list support (black, white, grey) and their synchronization with MNOs' EIRs
  • Integration with the GSMA IMEI DB to receive officially allocated TAC lists and synchronize with the world-wide IMEI black list
  • Integration with other information systems that might bring about changes to the lists: customs house, device registration web portal (perhaps a part of CEIR), law enforcement authorities, other systems
  • API for external information systems. Can be used to create a public portal to check devices and provide workplaces in external information systems (call centers, customs house, subscriber servicing offices, etc.)
  • Public web portal to check and register devices
  • Interfaces or workplaces for employees of various organizations (customs house, law enforcement authorities, etc.)
  • IMEI classification according to the lists. It is conducted when new IMEIs are added to the database and also upon API queries
  • Generation of various analytic reports
  • Preparation for the first launch (generation of the exclusion list together MNOs' EIRs)

Optional features:

  • Collection of registration event processing results from MNO’s EIRs
  • Provision of additional information about devices (device parameters DB is updated on a regular basis)
  • Support for registration payment scenarios:
    • Integration of payment systems with the platform
    • Integration with MNO billing systems
  • Ensuring activities to reduce the quantity of counterfeit mobile devices, GSM gateways, etc. in the country

Benefits & advantages

  • Can be adjusted and redesigned as per a wide range of requirements
  • Capable of executing EIR functions (registration query processing)
  • Support for various scenarios to combat IMEI duplicates
  • Support for various scenarios to combat SIM boxes (GSM gateways)
  • Analytics and interfaces for various services can be amended with a
  • database of device parameters, including a device image