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SC.Deep Packet Inspection

Deep analysis of internet traffic

We offer you SC.Deep Packet Inspection (SC.DPI), a highly efficient and reliable solution. The platform performs in-depth analysis of Internet users’ traffic in the networks of both MNOs and ISPs, and can selectively manage the data flow of each subscriber based on this analysis.

The functionality of the platform combines the two major approaches of DPI systems:

  • per-subscriber, with different bandwidth and download limits applied to different types of subscriber traffic (priorities or QoS by traffic types or directions, depending on the pricing plan);
  • per-service, with general limits for each traffic type which are applied to the entire data flow through the platform (maximum proportion of the platform’s bandwidth).

The coordinated application of these features allows the bandwidth of the MNO’s channels to be used efficiently.

Key features

  • Traffic analysis at various levels (from network to application)
  • Traffic shaping (by traffic type, by time, by direction, etc.) — total and for subscribers of different pricing plans
  • Traffic blocking: specific (for individual resources, e. g. by link), by traffic type (for individual subscribers or subscriber segments), by time
  • HTTP traffic modification
  • Subscriber redirection when zero balance is reached
  • Support of the means for bilateral interaction of an MNO with its users:
    • DPI Toolbar: dynamic menu displayed in an internet browser
    • Additional popup forms, windows, and banners
  • Collection of statistics on aggregate transmitted and blocked traffic
  • Subscriber dashboard
  • Administrator web interface

Benefits & advantages

  • Easy integration with available MNO equipment and external systems providing VAS
  • Support of various pricing systems
  • Solution scalability
  • Capability to process the traffic of the subscribers of 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, as well as regular users
  • Broad report formation capabilities
  • Subscriber dashboard designed in the company’s corporate style
  • Support for the blocking of malicious traffic
  • Capability to display targeted advertisements on the dashboard

Implementation Results

  • Creation of a pricing policy that fairly distributes network resources among subscribers with different payment capacities
  • Increased efficiency of the use of communications channels
  • Incentives for subscribers to position their traffic profile individually (a subscriber can actually feel the change after switching pricing plans)
  • Increased income from internet access services
  • Capability of quick response to the requirements of law enforcement agencies to block certain Internet resources

Integration scheme

BRAS (Broadband Remote Access Server) routes the traffic of a digital subscriber line access multiplexor (DSLAM) or switch in the ISP network.