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SC.DPI Toolbar

Integrated into the web browser menu (toolbar) for managing services

SC.DPI Toolbar is a tool for bilateral interaction of an MNO with its subscribers/users using a special dynamic menu and additional popup forms, windows, and banners displayed in a browser.

Solution can be implemented to promote additional services of the MNO as well as content provider services. SC.DPI Toolbar does not require installation on the subscriber’s device and is compatible with all modern internet browsers.

Key features

  • Real time information updates about the subscriber’s balance, megabytes remaining in the package, or other data from the billing system
  • Context-sensitive or personalized advertising. Promotion of services based on the subscriber’s search queries, location, etc.
  • Advertisement of MNO’s “Hot Offers” for products, services, tariffs, etc. An offer is displayed as a button/icon until its activation by a user
  • Interactive communication between subscribers and an MNO (problem solving, feedback receipt, survey)
  • Notifications (e.g. insufficient account balance, package spending, maintenance, pricing plan change, etc.). The notifications can be configured to close only after the user’s confirmation/agreement (the system also supports other options)
  • Supports the capability to send and view incoming/outgoing SMS/MMS, messages from social networks, etc.
  • Support for adding widget apps, installed on a phone for quick access to them from a browser
  • Built-in search bar can be bound to one of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • A convenient tool to exchange content in social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Capability to embed other services at the customer’s request

Benefits & advantages

  • Flexible implementation and integration. May be integrated either with SC.DPI, or with other DPI systems, billing, SMSC, etc.
  • Extensive possibilities of integration into SMSC, USSDC, MMSC to send and receive messages through the toolbar
  • Capability to integrate independent apps and services
  • Support for popular web services (Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Implementation of a finished design according to sketches or development of a new design based on a brand book

Implementation Results

  • Bilateral interaction with subscribers
  • Increased profits through the promotion of targeted advertising and campaigns
  • Increased subscriber loyalty

Integration scheme