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eSIM profile delivery platform

Svyazcom.eSIM SaaS is a cloud platform for preparing, delivering, storing, and managing eSIM profiles for mobile operators (MNO), MVNO, and travel SIM services. Implemented in the SaaS format, it allows operators to offer eSIM service to their subscribers in a short time with no significant expenses.

  1. Preparing eSIM profile templates

Preparing templates for creating eSIM profiles is an important and meticulous job that should be performed by high-qualified specialists. The configuration correctness should be verified very carefully. When preparing the eSIM template one should provide a large set of essential profile parameters that influence the subscriber's registration in the network and its further maintenance directly or indirectly.

  1. Preparing eSIM profiles based on templates

Based on the prepared templates, profiles and a set of key information are generated. These profiles are linked to ICCID and IMSI. A set of key information for each profile allows providing a high level of protection for the subscriber's personal and corporate data. A unique QR code is generated for each profile that identifies the profile in the global eSIM infrastructure.

  1. Placing eSIM profiles on GSMA SAS certified platform

The prepared profiles are placed on GSMA SAS certified platform, which ensures the compatibility with all the certified devices supporting eSIM, and provides the highest protection level for the operator's subscriber data.

  1. A platform for managing and inventorying eSIM profiles

The platform allows the operator to get all the information on each profile status, its changelog, and provide cross-system integration with the operator's subsystems, such as a billing system or a device management system.

  1. Technical support

A highly qualified technical support service team is working round-the-clock. It ensures both the uninterrupted service operation and the prompt solution of customer problems.

  1. An integrated OTA platform

After the eSIM profile is successfully installed on the device, the OTA platform allows you to modify the profile and manage its applications remotely using SMS or TCP/HTTPS communication channels.

Basic Connection Steps (Simple Script)

  1. The operator provides general information for creating an eSIM profile template. General information includes Java applets and operator-specific content of the profile file system, such as the network name, SMSC number, priority network list, etc.
  2. The Svyazcom team prepares a profile template for the operator
  3. The operator provides the IMSI and ICCID ranges for preparing a batch of profiles
  4. The platform automatically prepares a batch of eSIM profiles ready for download and provides QR codes

* - The 3rd and 4th steps can also be performed to test the profile template correctness.