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IP Multimedia subsystem Service Switching Function

The platform SC.IM-SSF allows MNOs to organize the interface between mobile legacy operator's networks (2G/3G/4G) and services and applications in the IMS network. Hence, the system gives subscribers a possibility to use in IMS familiar CAMEL/INAP services, developed for GSM networks. If in the IMS network there are fixed subscribers, they will also receive an access to IN-based services: online billing, short numbering (virtual РВХ), free-phone service (8 800), etc.

Software suite SC.IM-SSF expands MNO's capacities while:

  • launching new IMS-based services in the existing networks
  • launching new 4G networks
  • FMC concept implementation

SC.IM-SSF allows MNOs who have businesses related to mobile communication and Internet fixed broadband access to build seamless (from the services point of view) networks with maximum convenience for subscribers. For example, this solution allows to accept voice calls and messages via Internet, and not through a mobile network, when smartphone is registered in the subscriber's home Wi-Fi network.

SC.IM-SSF could act as reverse IM-SSF or IM-SCF.

Key features

  • Support of SIP, MAP, CAP, INAP, Diameter protocols
  • Intellectual routing of IN traffic between several SCFs
  • Interaction with the MRF Controller to organize conference calls, answering machines, IVR and so on
  • Capability for CAMEL/INAP message modification
  • Work logging, statistics collection, possibility to take traces on various call parameters, platform operation monitoring
  • Interaction with billing for postpaid and prepaid billing
  • Capability to build separate IN services on the platform

Benefits & advantages

Virtualization function support

Capability to be launched at Customer's virtual machines.

Flexible API

SC.IM-SSF provides the API for configuring and creation of IN services, which were not initially planned in the platform functionality.

Easy integration

Due to use of standard protocols, SC.IM-SSF could be integrated with MNO's various equipment and service applications, including those from third-party manufacturers.


Module architecture ensures manifold opportunities for solution scalability.

Integration scheme