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Optimization of mutual settlements between MNOs

Volume of inter-operator's traffic grows. Billing model diversity complicates the regulation of mutual settlements between operators:

  • How to find cost-efficient routes for traffic passing?
  • How to track mistakes or failures promptly while setting communication equipment?

Solutions for these and other issues in inter-operator's interaction allows to use network resources effectively and increase income.

SC.InterConnect is a complex solution for MNO exchange billing and automatic call routing in real time:

  • Keeps records of provided and received services
  • Determines their volume and cost
  • Chooses an optimal connection route taking in consideration call cost, communication quality and direction loading, time of the day, etc.
  • Conducts reconciliation of accounts and helps to settle discrepancies

Key features

  • Reception and processing information about calls, which are connected with inter-operator's exchange
  • Billing loading as per directions and service cost calculation
  • Tariff import
  • Choice of an optimal cost-effective route in real time
  • Generation of the mutual settlement balance
  • Capability to make billing rollback and to issue invoices for previous periods
  • Bill check and data comparison at the CDR level
  • Web interface for loading and editing of telephone codes, tariffs, number dialing substitution rules, as well as for report recalculation launching and traffic forecasting
  • Generation of reports for traffic analysis. Realization in Oracle APEX environment allows flexible configuration of reports and charts


Optional integration on the signaling network with MSC. Routing data is loaded in SC.InterConnect in real time, and all controlled calls are sent through the required route (for example, the Called Number prefix is changed). Interaction with MSC could be arranged with use of CAMEL, INAP, SIP or ISUP.

Conversion modules transform information from CDR files or other sources into universal format.

The load module loads information from converted files into the platform's database.

PL/SQL calculation modules aggregate the traffic in the base as per MNOs by the following parameters:

  • MNO's name
  • date
  • direction A
  • direction B
  • service
  • duration
  • quantity of calls

Benefits & advantages

  • Detailed traffic aggregation allows to reveal non-optimal routes in terms of cost promptly. For example, those ones provoked by routing failures, erroneous routing and other factors
  • Online billing promptly reveals critical traffic reduction on important directions and automatically informs operator of these facts
  • Search for records in the database as per various parameters (Cell ID, Route, IMSI, IMEI, number А, number B and so on)
  • Flexible configuration of report aggregation level. Creation of customized reports
  • High speed data load via Oracle DirectLoad technology
  • Effective operation based on various Oracle versions, such as Enterprise, as well as Standard — automatic partitioning allows to reduce costs for DB licenses significantly