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Service for subscriber migration from external networks into one’s own network

The SC.InTouch solution is designed to simplify the process of subscriber migration from one operator to another, minimizing the risk of losing previous contacts. Its main feature is notification that a number has been changed. Information about the new number is provided in a voice or SMS message. Thanks to this service, subscribers are notified promptly, discreetly and with minimal risk.

To take advantage of this service, the subscriber has to turn on forwarding to the new phone number, and begin service on the new number. Once done, callers to the old number can hear the voice notification or receive an SMS with the new phone number. Also notification can be set on the old number.

If a subscriber has changed phone numbers but stayed with the same operator, there is also the option to restore the contact list to the new number with SC.Phonebook Recovery.

Key features

  • Receiving forwarded calls and playing voice messages
    Information about the new number is played instead of standard beeps, so there is no charge.
  • Connecting caller to the new number of the called subscriber
    After the voice message about the new number, the platform can complete the call to the new number. This is an optional feature, because it is an operator-to-operator call (interconnect), and could be charged.
  • SMS notifications
    Available in three ways: SMS notification goes only to the caller, SMS notification goes to the caller and to the called person, or, if users have been reached via IVR — no notifications sent.
  • Billing and gathering statistics
  • While the new number is located in roaming, SCP can interact via CAMEL protocol with the billing system
  • Log operations and monitoring
  • Administrative web interface

Benefits & advantages

  • Cost minimization for subscriber
  • Simple migration of subscribers from external networks
  • SC.InTouch integration increases subscribers’ loyalty coming from external networks
  • Flexible and reliable solution, with quick and simple integration into operator’s network
  • Provided with many user friendly administrative and management tools

Integration scheme