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SC.IVR Portal

IVR portal management system

Voice portals are used for solving various tasks:

  • Provision of voice services (including interactive ones)
  • Service management by a subscriber and others
  • Ordering of various content
  • Greater effectiveness through routine activity automatization (outgoing ringing, telemarketing, etc.)

The SC.IVR Portal platform is a set of easy-to-use tools for voice portal management. This solution can be useful both for MNOs and content providers. Support of modern (and classical) technologies and protocols ensures easy integration into Customer's networks and into the networks of their partners. Flexibility and convenience in logic setting will speed up releasing new services to the market.

Key features

  • Simultaneous functioning of any number of IVR portals
  • The visual portal CMS allows monitoring each menu item
  • Capability to send queries to external systems (content provider applications, billing, etc.) when choosing the particular menu item — HTTP, SOAP, SMPP, SQL
  • Support of SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T, ISUP protocols for voice transfer
  • Support of all popular sound codecs
    • PCM
    • MP3
    • AMR
    • G.729 Annex A,B
    • G.711 A-law, µ-law
    • OGG
  • Work with DTMF signals (recognition, playback, removal, DTMF Relay)
  • Capability to integrate with CPA, SDP, IN platform and MNO's billing as per CAP/INAP, Diameter, RADIUS protocols
  • Support of various billing scenarios:
    • Premium class billing based on access time
    • Premium class billing based on one minute of connection cost
    • Event-based premium class billing
    • Event-based premium class billing with granting rights to use services within certain period (subscription)
  • Support of the Advice of Charge (AoC) function
  • Flexible interaction with external providers of voice services:
    • It is possible to arrange for subscribers an access to a content of IVR platforms made by other suppliers
    • Allocation of a separate branch (branches) in the IVR portal for filling by content provider employees
    • Providing to a partner an access to the IVR portal through the web interface to make settings and receive its reporting
  • SMS notification of subscribers
  • Multilingual user interfaces

Benefits & advantages

  • Support of several methods to work with DTMF: inband, outband (RFC 2833), SIP Info
  • No limits on voice menu nesting levels
  • Access to each sub-menu through a direct number
  • MNP support

Integration scheme