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Affordable lite version of HLR

The platform is designed to perform the main functions of a Home Location Register (HLR) for the selected part of a numbering capacity in a MNO’s network.

The main functions are the following:

  • Storage of subscribers’ profiles (in particular IMSI-MSISDN bundles)
  • Storage of authentication center (AuC) data
  • Support of operations for creating, deleting, blocking and unblocking of profiles
  • Support of Location Update operation from the VLR and from the GPRS equipment
  • SRI requests processing
  • Storage of other information necessary for subscriber registration in the network
  • Processing of other events related to the provision of SMS, GPRS/3G services
  • HTTP/Telnet interface for creation, modification, deletion of profiles

The most typical applications of SC.M2M EasyHLR:

  • Used jointly with M2M platform to provide:
    • the operation optimization of the primary HLR
    • savings on licenses of the primary HLR
  • Used jointly with SMS Firewall to provide the protection against a SIM card activity monitoring by other operators

Integration Scheme

To ensure the correct operation of the platform it should be connected to the signaling network of a MNO, and the above mentioned MAP requests should be routed to the platform according to the part of the subscribers base which is served by EasyHLR (series MSISDN and IMSI in the real or virtual numbering capacity of a MNO).

The platform in its minimum configuration is available on two servers working in fault-tolerant Active-Active mode.