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SC.MMS Transcoding

The platform of MMS adaptation to the capabilities of subscriber terminals

The SC.MMS Transcoding platform is used for adaptation of MMS downloaded into subscriber terminals according to the terminals’ capabilities.

SC.MMS Transcoding can be installed as an additional module to the SC.MMSC platform or used with a third-party MMSC.

Key features

  • Format conversion of images, audio and video files (MMS content)
  • Scaling of images and videos according to the maximum size supported by the terminal
  • Conversion without format changing to maximum reduce of the MMS size supported by a subscriber terminal
  • Adjustment of SMIL MMS format
  • Deletion of content which is not supported by a subscriber device, if the content can not be converted into a supported format; subscriber notification about the deleted content

The platform supports all content formats popular in MMS:

  • Images: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, animated GIF
  • Audio: AMR-NB, MP3, WAV PCM
  • Video: 3GPP (H.263), 3GPP2 (H.263), MP4 (H.263, MPEG4), AVI (MPEG4), MPEG (MPEG1)

The following formats are also supported as initial ones: WBMP, AAC, MIDI, H.264 and others

Additional Functions

  • Conversion of an animated GIF into a static image containing the first frame of the initial GIF
  • Conversion of video into a static image containing the first frame of the initial file
  • Adaptation of MMS incoming from email
  • Support for database of terminal profiles (contains parameters of terminal support of MMS), as well as its regular updating
  • Possibility of manual configuration of the settings of adaptation for individual phone models (creation of manual profiles or aliases of profiles)
  • Collection of detailed statistics on the volume and structure of the processed traffic
  • Storage of MMS processing details

Benefits & advantages

  • Support of many formats for conversion
  • Easy integration with other systems of a MNO ensured by the usage of standard protocols
  • Possibility of integration into third-party MMSC and WAP gateways

Integration scheme