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SC.MNP System

Number portability solution

The introduction of number portability is an important step in the liberalization of the telecommunication market of the country. Using the MNP System allows you to integrate all participants of porting processes. Additionally, the solution can notify different service providers about changes in the Ported Number Database.

MNP System acts as an arbiter between operators and provides the following processes:

  • Porting one subscriber number
  • Porting of a group of numbers
  • Number return after erroneous porting
  • Repayment of the number owner's debt to the donor operator
  • Return of the number to the holder of the number capacity

Key features

  • Connecting MNOs via API
  • Web interface for regulatory authority:
    • Control of porting processes
    • Obtaining reports
    • Managing accounts of clients
    • Monitoring of system
    • Manage settings (timers, restrictions, etc.).
  • Web interface for each MNO:
    • Initiation of processes
    • View and take actions in processes
    • Analysis of errors
    • Obtaining reports
    • Managing their accounts
  • Uploading the numbering plan and ported numbers base to the SFTP resource:
    • Full updates of lists
    • Incremental updates of lists
    • SFTP access list is controlled by the system administrator

Benefits & advantages

  • API design is based on OpenAPI (OAS 3.0)
  • Ability to notify about changes in the base of ported numbers not only for operators whose numbers can be ported but also for any clients (banks, payment systems, etc.)
  • Convenient visualization of processes in the web interface
  • The company's portfolio includes MNP Orchestrator – the platform for MNO which fully compatible with MNP System.

Integration scheme