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SC.MNP Orchestrator

GUI for support of MNP processes

Mobile number portability is a complex process that involves many participants. Number porting service gives subscribers greater freedom in the operator choice. The operator, in its turn, receives an opportunity to improve its market position by attracting new subscribers.

The SC.MNP Orchestrator platform automates the processing of subscribers’ requests for (inbound or outbound) number porting. Web interface allows to create a request and to track its processing.

Key features

  • Creation of requests for inbound mobile number porting:
    • Entering ported number by operator
    • An automatic inquiry regarding the number porting possibility is sent to the Central ported numbers database (CPNDB)
    • Entering temporary number by operator
    • The subscriber details are received from the billing system under the temporary number
    • The documents required for porting are attached to the request (scanned porting applications, service agreement, etc.)
  • Automatic processing of a request for inbound porting:
    • A request to CPNDB is formed based on the data entered by the MNO
    • Waiting for a confirmation of request correctness from the donor MNO
    • Waiting for the number porting
    • Replacement of the temporary number on the subscriber’s SIM card with the ported number
    • Establishment of new routing for inbound/outbound calls and SMS
    • Notification of the subscriber about the successful porting
  • Automatic processing of a request for outbound porting:
    • A porting request is received from the CPNDB
    • The subscriber's details are verified (if necessary, the scanned documents can be checked manually)
    • The subscriber's debt is checked
    • The possibility of number porting is confirmed
    • The number is deactivated when the porting time comes
  • Verification of subscriber data
  • Suspension of service at debt detection
  • Cancellation of erroneous porting
  • Interfaces that allow a subscriber to identify the MNO to which the number belongs (SMS/USSD, web interface)

Benefits & advantages

  • The processing of number porting requests is accelerated
  • Easy to use: all operations for creation of number porting request and tracking of its status are realized through a user-friendly web interface
  • Possibility to inform the subscriber both by SMS and email

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