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Ensure and support MNP processes

The SC.MNP-SRF platform is a hardware and software complex capable of reducing overhead costs while increasing the reliability of MNP processes in relation to voice, SMS, and MMS traffic.

Key features

  • All information required for routing is received from the main database of ported subscriber numbers (the MNP-SRF database is updated along with the updates to the main database)
  • Local service of SendRoutingInfo query from all MSCs of an MNO operating MNP-SRF in its network:
    • Reception of all SRIs for voice calls
    • Reception of all SRIs for SMS
    • Processing of SRI queries and response to them with a routing number (MSRN)
  • Operation as a self-sufficient and single profile database. SC.MNP-SRF does not require constant connection with the general ported number database to process SRI calls. This functionality is especially relevant for the MNOs providing service at large territories, as it significantly reduces the risk of losing the communications channel between the ported number database and other remote nodes involved in the MNP processes
  • Statistics collection. The basic list of statistical reports on the platform is as follows:
    • Number of ported subscribers by donor and recipient MNOs
    • Number of active subscribers by portability
    • Number of provisioning queries for subscriber profile change
    • Total number of SRI queries
    • Total number of SRI queries related to voice calls
    • Total number of SRI queries related to SMS sending

Benefits & advantages

  • Support for MAP GSM and IS41 CDMA protocols
  • Configurability of various SRI processing scenarios
  • Capability to activate SMS Firewall functions
  • Support for all necessary traffic types
  • Proxy operation: platform can receive all other traffic while processing only the traffic addressed to the platform and sending all other traffic unchanged to the HLR

Integration scheme