We have reworked our product philosophy and created a single platform.

The solution includes two cores: Messaging and Voice. The Messaging kernel provides SMS, USSD exchange and contains more than 20 modules, on the basis of which various services operate exchange of messages. Voice kernel modules organize voice services.

Depending on the services you want to implement, the Multiplatform is installed with a different set of modules. If necessary, Messaging and Voice cores can be supplemented or modified at no significant cost.

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Accelerate your business

When installed, Multiplatform integrates with key components of the operator network: billing, switches (SIGTRAN, SIP), etc. Through deeper integration, Multiplatform enables new services to be launched in the shortest possible time (up to 1 month). In the catalog you will find a description of the main services that can be deployed using Multiplatform.

Decrease in expenses

Replace many legacy individual systems with a universal solution and lower support costs:

  • free space in server room,
reduce maintenance costs from different vendors,
  • reduce HR resources with a single interface to manage different services.

If any of the services are no longer needed, Multiplatform will ensure that hardware resources are reused to organize new services.

Flexible sales model — CAPEX or OPEX.

Free test period for Multiplatform-based services

Test the service for an accurate understanding of performance and performance in your mobile network environment. On the basis of Multiplatform we offer deployment of services in free demonstration mode in record time, from 2 to 4 weeks, without rework and additional equipment.

Multiplatform is used by

Clients speak

Natalya Prokopchuk

The Head of Network CORE Planning Department, JLLC Mobile TeleSystems

The system proved to be in operation as a stable and mature solution, largely due to the professionalism of the Svyazcom team.

In 2015, we decided to replace obsolete but mandatory platforms for the mobile operator VAS with the solution "Svyazcom.Multiplatform."

The advantage of the Svyazcom platform is the approach to software development. Svyazcom created high-density software, combining services of the same type into components using single engines on the same cores. This allowed efficient use of DC hardware resources. The solution, taking into account the standby components, fit into 6 blades. Moreover, thanks to the introduction of Multiplatform we were able to dismantle 10 cabinets with equipment, freeing up space and resources of auto hall for other platforms

Integration into the network was smooth thanks to the use of open protocols, as well as the approach of the "Svyazcom" team, which proposed to use "proxy" mode for seamless migration of services. As a result, the migration took place without interruption of the service.