Svyazcom has already participated in the MWC exhibition for the 8th time.

08 July 2021

This year it was special: this was felt not only by the smaller number of participants and visitors but also by new requests. The most urgent was the desire not only to return to the usual “pre-COVID” life but also to expand the circle and methods of communication, search for new partnerships and solutions.

It is very surprising to note the growing interest in classic message delivery platforms this year.  A mobile number is a means of authorization worldwide, i.e., it identifies the customer of the service, and SMS is a simple and affordable way of delivering both one-time passwords and marketing communication. This year, operators and content providers were most attracted by Svyazcom's SMS/SS7 Firewall, SMS Hub, Messenger Hub solutions.

In addition to the classic VAS solutions, this year, Svyazсom offered the market products aimed at telecom regulators. In the past two years, our company has been actively working on such projects as CEIR and MNP. As a result of this development, the company has made several installations and can now share an extremely rare and interesting experience with its potential partners. For these purposes and to contribute to the development of the telecom industry, Svyazсom joined the ITU, where we took an active position on the introduction of new standards.

We all worked a lot from home over the past year before the exhibition, and this, of course, contributed to the growth of interest in services that simplify remote interaction and make it safer and more reliable.  Our contribution to the line of such services was the Sistematics MultiSIM router aggregation solution (bonding), which this year was presented in three models: Base, Pro, and Compact.  

At MWC 2021, it was obvious how much the perception of eSIM technology has changed. Solutions in this category have moved from the section of novelties that are interesting but do not yet have a real usage to the promising area of new offers from operators to their customers. And for some partners, eSIM is already a very fast-growing business segment. 

One of the key meetings held at the MWC was the communication of Svyazcom with OASIS Smart SIM, which is one of the leaders of the eSIM market and has a full set of technologies, including eSIM Remote SIM Provisioning. OASIS offers the use of the eSIM-as-a-Service format, which significantly increases both the availability of the technology and the speed of its implementation. 

Platforms for both the M2M/IoT and the Customer market segment are located on GSMA-certified sites, guaranteeing the highest quality and security. Svyazcom is pleased with the results of this meeting, and in the coming days, we plan to share the news on the results of this communication.