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Remote SIM card data management

SIM cards are a necessary component to arrange MNO communication with subscribers. It contains all the data needed to ensure proper and secure exchange. Sometimes these data must be updated.

OTA platforms are designed for this purpose. SMS is used as the transmission protocol for operations with SIM cards. In addition to data management, OTA technology also ensures interactions with subscribers via SIM cards.

Key features

  • Reading and exchanging any SIM card files (remote file management, RFM). Actions are limited only by the rights issued by SIM card vendors. Examples:
    • IMSI change
    • SPN change (MNO name)
    • Update/clear network lists where it is allowed/not allowed to register
    • DSTK update
    • SMSC number update
  • JavaCard applet management (remote application management, RAM), including list review, and applet installation and removal
  • OTA campaigns, including sending any set of RFM and/or RAM command sequences to a subscriber list
  • Sending commands by trigger from another MNO system. Integration over any documented protocol, typically HTTP/SOAP
  • Applet operations. Depending on applet functionality and integration with other MNO systems, it allows for the implementation of a number of various cases. Examples:
    • “Live balance” service implementation
    • Servicing STK/DSTK menu commands (subscriber actions in the menu are delivered to the platform as an SMS/USSD command)
    • Interactive campaigns mailing (see the SC.LiveScreen platform description for details)
  • All necessary settings are controlled on the web interface:
    • SIM card vendors
    • SIM card profiles
    • SIM toolkit applications and security parameters
    • Groups of subscribers and SIM cards
    • Black lists
    • Campaign management (command list and parameters, schedule setting, launch)
    • Management of external sources to launch tasks
    • Review of operation history and campaign statistics

Benefits & advantages

  • Ability to launch OTA tasks by external command
  • Work with any SIM and USIM (for 3G and above), supporting ОТА GSM 03.48 specification
  • Work experience with custom multiprofile SIM cards