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SC.Outbound IVR

Voice platform for promotions and management services

Platform for automatic calls to subscribers on a list and playback of a voice message to them. The message can be the introduction to an IVR menu. Based on subscriber actions in this menu, data can be sent to external systems. For example, this function can be used for surveys or polls, or the subscriber can be offered a new service which is immediately connected upon the subscriber’s confirmation.

Key features

  • Bulk voice notification of the subscriber base to provide information about certain events or advertise products and services
  • Automated creation of simple IVR menus
  • The IVR menus can be tested before being launched for mass notification
  • Import of the subscriber list from a file or external subsystem
  • Different notification start options (manual, scheduled)
  • Management of bulk voice notification parameters (schedule, intensity, etc.)
  • Web interface with access control
  • Collection of statistics for each bulk calling campaign separately
  • (Optional) Platform resources can be provided as services: the customer can be given access to resources, within which they may create and launch their advertising campaigns. The customers can only see their own campaigns, the platform administrator can see all of them

Benefits & advantages

  • High performance and fail safety
  • Scalability
  • Flexible adjustment of bulk notification parameters
  • Combination of an easy service connection mechanism with voice notification
  • Ease of use. Interaction with the platform is performed through a convenient web interface
  • Capabilities for personalization of outbound notifications
  • Capability for integration with the MNO language base and multilingual support
  • Conservation of call center resources
  • Easy integration into the MNO’s network

Integration scheme