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Successful completion of calls with insufficient balance

The platform allows a caller to continue his/her call when he/she has an insufficient account balance. The subscribers can also make collect calls and top up their accounts without breaking their routine. Two services can be used for this purpose:

  • “Collect call”, available if the recipient is a subscriber of the same MNO; and
  • “Promised Payment”, provided in other cases; typically the service is temporarily blocked after the account is credited with a certain amount

After the service is selected and confirmed, the call continues without being interrupted.

Key features

  • Subscriber-side services management through SMS/USSD/IVR
  • Dynamic IVR menu: depends on the availability of each service
  • Functions of the “Collect Call” service:
    • The outbound call is paid for by the recipient if they are a subscriber of the same MNO. The recipient will be notified of this and be given the option to refuse
    • SMS notification of subscribers of other MNOs
    • Formation of CDR records according to which the call recipients are billed instead of the subscribers who make the call
  • Functions of the “Promised Payment” service:
    • Account crediting on trust without call interruption
    • Various options to choose the top-up amount (voice menu entry, SMS/USSD commands, dynamic amount setting, etc.)
    • SMS notification of the subscriber about the payment status
  • Multilingual support in all user interfaces (SMS/USSD/IVR)
  • Subscriber notification if a call fails:
    • Subscriber A is notified of the reasons for failure.
    • Subscriber B is informed that Subscriber A is trying to reach them
  • Wide range of system administration possibilities
  • Administrator web interface
  • Monitoring, statistics collection, and report formation

Benefits & advantages

  • A new source of income: calls are made even with a zero account balance
  • The capability for implementation in networks supporting IN (CAMEL) or not using IN
  • Increased subscriber loyalty
  • High reliability, with all system components being redundant
  • Flexible adjustment and easy integration into the MNO’s network

Integration scheme