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SC.Phonebook Recovery

SC.Phonebook Recovery simplifies recovering contacts for subscribers who lose their phone or change phone numbers, but remain in the same mobile operator network.

How to recover — from the subscriber's number, send an SMS message with the request to call back or report a phone number. A contact list can be retrieved in the ways below:

  • From SyncML server, if the subscriber uses synchronization
  • From billing system – using subscriber's activity (SMS, MMS, voice calls)

Also this service can be useful:

  • For those not using synchronization
  • For those whose phone is not capable of correct synchronization
  • For those who have not paid for synchronization (but their contacts and events are already stored on the server)
  • When synchronization service is not available in the operator's network
  • For sending your phone number to your contacts

Connection configuration in the operator's network

  • HTTP interface or another integration with billing system
  • SyncML server integration (optional)
  • Integration to monitoring system by SNMP
  • SMPP-connection to SMSC
  • Interface for the platform administrator
  • Provides API for integration with operator's systems (ex. Enable service from subscriber's web interface account)