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SC.Quick Call

Your customers are always on-line

A free hotline is a solution to receive and process large numbers of incoming phone calls. However, the use of this solution involves several difficulties:

  • A customer may forget the free hotline number (e.g. if their bank card with the number on it gets lost or stolen)
  • Outgoing calls on the subscriber’s phone may be blocked
  • The owner bears the costs of maintaining a free call line

You can give your customers an opportunity to contact the call center for free using a Wi-Fi application. The call is possible even from devices with no SIM card. You will be able to provide support to your customers from cell phones, smartphones, and communicators running on the Android, iOS, or Windows Phone operating systems. The solution supports additional services and advertising embedded in the application.

Our offer

  • An application under your brand name for iOS, Android, and WP platforms
  • Authorization options selected at your discretion
  • Installation and configuration of VoIP and IM servers in your network
  • Assistance in the integration with your call center and CRM system (the IM server is not mandatory; without it, the application will run without the respective function)
  • Web interface for system administration (menu modification, advertising campaign management, technical configuration and operational status monitoring, statistics display)

Key features

  • Sending a single-use password request
  • The customer may select the type of communication they find most convenient: a Call Center call or Live Chat (can be used if the customer is not comfortable with speaking or must save the conversation history)
  • Menu for a Call Center call displaying the list of possible problems (card stolen, company working hours, etc.)
  • Identified problem sent with the query
  • Queue number displayed when calling a Call Center operator
  • Support for various authentication options:
    • Always use an SMS single-use password by SMS. Requires a SIM card with inbound communications available.
    • SMS authentication for the first login. The application stores the data with further authentication required only when the data become obsolete or are deleted
    • Authentication by password received by any means other than SMS (code word from a contract, card password, etc.)
    • No authentication. For consultations on general matters; if the query is related to the account, subscriber dashboard, or cash, authentication is required.

VoIP Server Functionality

  • Distribution of requests based on the customer’s problem
  • Queue monitoring and delivery of the queue number to the application
  • Menu page opening
  • Conversation recording
  • Traffic ciphering and deciphering

Advantages for the Companies

  • Lower costs of maintaining a free call line
  • The problem can be immediately reported to a Call Center operator
  • Live Chat available as an alternative
  • Capabilities for context-sensitive or personalized advertising
  • Capability to change the application menu on the fly (each time the application loads)
  • Improved customer service quality
  • Collection of customer query statistics, conversation recording

Advantages for the Customer

  • No need to remember the hotline number
  • Toll-free calls
  • Number in the queue can be seen while waiting for the operator to respond
  • Live Chat available as an alternative
  • Call can be made without a phone (from a tablet)
  • No need to use tone dial (no voice menu!)
  • Support for various platforms and operating systems (Windows Phone, iOS, Android)