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Auto callback platform for subscribers in roaming

In some cases, the outbound call rates while roaming are somewhat higher than the inbound call rates. Using the Callback technology, MNOs may reduce their subscribers’ costs and, consequently, improve their loyalty.

The proposed solution is designed for the automatic provision of the callback service to roaming subscribers. All foreign regions are divided into zones right down to a MNO. A zone tag is used in billing as well as for a prohibition or permission to use the service.

In order to provide the service, the platform intercepts the call and, without picking up, plays a notification, and then drops the call. After that, calls are made to both subscribers (the customer who ordered the service and the recipient); if they both pick up, a connection is established between them, and the call is billed.

The platform uses the Intelligent Network protocols (IN CAMEL/INAP).

Key features

  • Automatic callback without need for request; the service covers all inbound calls while roaming. The subscriber needs to connect the service to be able to use it
  • Reception of service connection/disconnection requests (SMS/USSD commands, HTTP provisioning)
  • Reception of callback requests (SMS/USSD commands): even if the service is not connected, the subscriber may use it by manually sending a request (classic Roaming Callback)
  • Management of IN subscriber triggers in HLR when the service is connected or disconnected
  • Flexible request processing:
    • SMS notification of subscribers about the status of their requests
    • Notification of subscribers about registering in the network of a non-recommended MNO
    • Management of acceptable groups of directions both for Subscriber A and Subscriber B. The direction sign is recorded in the call details
    • The logic for postpaid and prepaid subscribers may vary
  • Multilingual user interfaces
  • Work logging, monitoring, and statistics collection
  • Multi-user platform management web interface with different access levels (administrator, operator)

Benefits & advantages

  • The subscribers are offered an opportunity to save money while roaming, which results in higher subscriber loyalty
  • According to the subscriber’s request the platform realizes either an automatic Callback or a Roaming Callback, the classical version of the service
  • The convenience of the service promotes higher traffic and higher ARPU by including subscribers who otherwise would not have been able to make their calls
  • Zones are managed through the platform web interface
  • SIP and CAMEL support
  • MNP support
  • The subscriber’s language can be determined, and information messages can be made in their native language
  • Integration with various billing systems

Integration scheme